Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Story, gameplay, platforms, trailers, more

Peter Parker and Miles Morales in Spider-Man 2Insomniac Games

Insomniac Games are hard at work on Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, the follow-up to one of the most critically acclaimed superhero games of all time. Here’s everything we know about Spider-Man 2, from where the story could go to its release window.

When the original Marvel’s Spider-Man arrived back in 2018, comic book fans quickly hailed it as one of the best superhero games of all time, with many ranking it alongside the Batman Arkham series.

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While Insomniac have since released a Miles Morales spin-off and announced a standalone Wolverine game, a fully-fledged sequel was only a matter of time. It’s been almost five years since the original hit shelves, and players are desperate for any slither of information.

Here’s everything we know about Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 so far, from the platforms it’s being released on to story details.

Is there a Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 release date?

There is currently no concrete release date for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, but it is scheduled to be released in Fall 2023. Towards the end of 2022, the devs looked to reassure fans who wondered if the sequel had been delayed following a long period of silence, claiming that development is on track for a release this year.

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Responding to a Twitter thread, Insomniac said: “We’re making good progress and it’s still slated for 2023. Showing games takes time, effort, resources, and coordination.”

Then, in March 2023, a now-deleted tweet from Venom voice actor, Tony Todd, claimed that Spider-Man 2 could arrive in September 2023, while “commercials start dropping in August.”

Of course, we’ll have to wait for an official announcement to know for definite, so we’ll be sure to update this section with the latest details.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 platforms

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is set to be released exclusively on the PlayStation 5, and won’t be available on any other platforms at launch. The game’s official website mentions that the game has been “developed for the PlayStation 5 console,” and there is currently no PS4 version listed.

PC players will also miss out at launch, but Sony have begun dropping their first-party titles on Steam in the months and years after the initial release, so we expect it to appear on PC later down the line.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 story details

Very little is known about Spider-Man’s story, but we do have a few details based on the teasers and trailers shown so far. Picking up after the events of the first game, the sequel will see Peter Parker and Miles Morales cross paths with the iconic anti-hero Venom.

This was teased in the post-credits scene at the end of the first game, as well as the first cinematic trailer, so it seems that Symbiote Saga from the comics will influence the story in some way. The extended gameplay clip we saw at PlayStation Showcase 2023 showed Peter wearing the iconic black Symbiote suit, which already seemed to be affecting his personality.

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However, this version will be a very different adaptation, as the Venom Symbiote will be worn by Harry Osborn to begin with – Peter’s close friend who was noticeably absent from the original.

It’s been confirmed that Sergei Kravinoff, better known as Kraven the Hunter, will serve as one of the game’s villains, arriving in New York City to tackle a “new hunting ground.” The PlayStation Showcase gameplay also revealed that Lizard has a role to play, and was being pursued by Kraven.

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Spider-Man (2018) featured multiple villains to form the Sinister Six, so don’t be surprised to see more of Spidey’s rouges gallery appear in the follow-up.

Venom in Spider-Man 2Insomniac Games
Venom is set to play a key role in Spider-Man 2.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 gameplay

Again, there are very few gameplay details available about Spider-Man 2’s gameplay, but it’s bringing back the open-world version of New York that made the first game so successful. It’s also expanding to include some of the boroughs that were absent before, and the water around the city will play a larger role.

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The swinging and combat will be familiar to long-time fans, but a handful of new abilities have been revealed. Many of these come courtesy of the slimy Symbiote suit, which can extend and grow tentacles to slam enemies into the ground.

The devs have announced that Spider-Man 2 won’t support co-op play after many fans speculated that they might be able to team up with friends as both Peter and Miles. After being asked on Twitter, Insomniac Games responded to the question on May 22, simply saying: “Nope! It is an epic single-player adventure!”

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That being said, Spider-Man (2018) switched perspectives between its characters from mission to mission, and this is set to continue in the sequel. The gameplay revealed so far showed that players will be able to switch webheads at specific moments, allowing players to experience the story from both Peter’s and Miles’ points of view.

So, don’t be surprised to see designated sections for Peter, Miles, Mary Jane, and possibly even Venom in the final game.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 trailers

There have only been two official trailers for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 so far, the first of which was released during the PlayStation Showcase 2021. It showed both Peter Parker and Miles Morales fighting off henchmen, before offering a first glimpse at Venom.

Check it out below:

Then, two years later at PlayStation Showcase 2023, the devs released a 10-minute-long gameplay demo. It showed the new black suit in action during a mission focusing on Lizard, along with some key story details:

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That was everything we know so far about Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 so far. We’ll be updating this page with all the latest announcements, so stay tuned for more details.

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