Will Street Fighter 6 be on Steam Deck?

Luca Di Marzo
Street Fighter 6 Steam DeckCapcom

With the release of SF6 right around the corner, players are wondering if you can play Street Fighter 6 on the Steam Deck, so here’s what you need to know.

Ever since the announcement of the Steam Deck by Valve, the gaming community has been buzzing with questions about the device’s capabilities and compatibility.

When it comes to upcoming titles, one question that keeps surfacing revolves around the eagerly anticipated Street Fighter 6: Can it be played on the Steam Deck?

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The Steam Deck’s allure lies in the promise of on-the-go gaming with PC-level performance, raising the stakes in the handheld gaming industry, but let’s find out if it’s compatible with Street Fighter 6.

Can you play Street Fighter 6 on Steam Deck?

Based on the information we have, Street Fighter 6 will be available to play on the Steam Deck.

SF6 is scheduled to release on multiple platforms, including PC, where it will be available on Steam. The Steam Deck is built to run games from your Steam library, and since Street Fighter 6 is a part of that library, you will be able to play it on the device.

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Given what we’ve seen from the demo and reports of users playing the closed beta, it seems Capcom plan to bring Street Fighter 6 to a variety of users, including the Steam Deck.

However, fighting game players live and die by their framerate so it’s important to use the best settings when playing SF6 on Steam Deck.

official street fighter 6 artCapcom
Street Fighter 6 will be available on the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

When attempting to play Street Fighter 6 optimally on the Steam Deck, the goal is to reach 60 FPS.

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To get the best framerates possible, we suggest changing everything under the “Detailed” settings option to Normal. This will offer a smoother graphical performance and allow you to get the most out of the Steam Deck when playing Street Fighter 6.

Then you’re going to want to turn Motion Blur, Depth of Field Effect, Ambient Occlusion, and Space Reflection off. You can find these settings under the “Basic” section.

Keep in mind, that while playing Street Fighter 6 on the Steam Deck may seem like an interesting feature, competitive players cannot expect the same performance as other platforms. The Steam Deck is designed to offer PC-level gaming, but it might not match high-end PC performance, especially for more demanding titles like SF6.

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