Starfield best Powers: Supernova, Anti-Gravity Field, more

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All Powers in Starfield

In Starfield, players embark on a vast adventure, during which they gain access to some truly remarkable Powers. These Powers are not only visually impressive but also prove highly beneficial in combat scenarios. Here are the best Powers in Starfield.

Given its vast open world and thousands of planets, Starfield places a strong emphasis on exploration and discovery. It invites players to investigate new places, undertake a variety of quests, acquire new ships, and more. As players unravel the mysteries of Starfield’s main storyline, they are rewarded with unique Powers.

These Powers, similar to the shouts in Skyrim, possess extraordinary properties. The game offers an array of these supernatural abilities, though some prove to be more beneficial than others.

Here are our picks for the best Powers in Starfield.

Best Powers in Starfield

Players can earn the best Powers in Starfield by visiting Temples scattered across the galaxy. Starfield has 24 Powers in total, and their functions range from resource gathering to resurrecting dead aliens.

Anti-Gravity Field

Surprisingly enough, the very first Power you gain in Starfield is one of the best the game has to offer. Anti-Gravity Field lets players generate a field of intense low gravity in any area. Using this Power on enemies sends them floating lifelessly into the air. Any objects caught in the low gravity field are also sent floating upwards, making for some eye-catching visuals.

Anti-Gravity Field Power in Starfield
Anti-Gravity Field is the very first Power that players acquire in Starfield.


Supernova in Starfield is a Power built for combat. As the name suggests, it summons cosmic energy around the player which then explodes with the force of a “dying star.” The result is a lethal explosion that decimates most enemies in its range. Players can use this Power to plow through groups of mid-level enemies, and it can even rack up some decent damage on the Starborn.

Supernova Power in Starfield
Explode like a dying star using the Supernova Power in Starfield.

Sunless Space

This Power ensures that you will never have to worry about stocking Cryo Mines in Starfield. Sunless Space basically transforms the player into a space-trekking Sub-Zero, allowing them to shoot balls of ice.
Enemies that come in contact with the ice are frozen on the spot, giving you a chance to finish them off.

Sunless Space Power in Starfield
The Sunless Space Power lets players shoot balls of ice in Starfield.

Eternal Harvest

Eternal Harvest isn’t just one of the best Powers in Starfield, but it’s also one of the coolest. The Power lets players regenerate all the harvested planets around them, making resource gathering pretty convenient. It also helps establish just how powerful the main character is, seeing as they literally regenerate life on a planet.

Eternal Harvest Power in Starfield
Eternal Harvest is a Power built for resource gathering in Starfield.

Phased Time

Phased Time is one of the only Powers in Starfield that can be earned at a particular location. The Power is granted to the player following the completion of the ‘Revelation’ quest in the game’s main story. It allows the player to slow down time in a particular area while moving at close to full speed. Using the Power lets you dodge enemy bullets with ease and dish out all sorts of damage.

Phased Time Power in Starfield
The Phased Time Power in Starfield is a quest reward.

If used effectively enough you’ll float through time like QuickSilver, and we sincerely hope someone’s out there recreating the iconic kitchen scene from X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Those were the best Powers in Starfield. For more on the game, check out our other guides:

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