Resident Evil 4 Remake treasure combinations & Gemstone reward bonuses explained

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elegant crown in resident evil 4 remake

In the Resident Evil 4 Remake, players will pick up numerous different Gemstones which can be placed into items for selling. This will increase their value, but depending on the Gemstone treasure combination, the reward bonus will be different, so here’s our guide.

There are many ways to make money in the Resident Evil 4 Remake, but one of the most effective is by inlaying Gemstones into valuable items for selling, such as chalices and crowns.

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In your playthrough, you’ll pick up many different Gemstones which can be placed into these precious items to make them even more valuable. They can then be sold to the Merchant for big bucks.

That said, depending on the Gemstone treasure combination you choose in the Resident Evil 4 Remake, you will receive a different reward bonus. So, for those wondering what the best Gemstone combinations are, here’s our guide.

resident evil 4 treasure chestGemstones in the Resident Evil 4 Remake can be found throughout the map.

All Resident Evil 4 treasure combinations & Gemstone bonuses

Here are all of the Resident Evil 4 Remake Gemstone combinations and their subsequent reward bonus.

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ComboGemstone comboReward bonus
Two ColorsTwo gemstones of differing colors.x1.1
DuoTwo gemstones of the same color.x1.2
Three ColorsThree gemstones of the same color.x1.3
TrioThree gemstones of the same color.x1.4
Two DuosTwo duos.x1.5
Four ColorsFour gemstones of differing color.x1.6
QuartetFour gemstones of the same color.x1.7
Duo & TrioOne duo, and one trio.x1.8
QuintetFive gemstones of the same color.x1.9
Five ColorsFive gemstones of differing colors.x2.0

There are two different types of Gemstone: round and rectangular. There are also five different Gemstone colors in the Resident Evil 4 Remake: red, blue, yellow, green, and purple.

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As you can see, inlaying with Gemstones will multiply the amount of Pesetas you can get from selling the inlaid item.

From the table above, you can see that gemstones of the same color will earn you a bigger bonus, but the highest bonus available is for “five gemstones of differing colors.” Completing this five-gemstone bonus will also reward you with a trophy.

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So, you may want to save up your Gemstones until you can earn these higher reward bonuses. Keep in mind that you will encounter the items that take more Gemstones further on in the game, so saving them up may be very rewarding later on in your playthrough.

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