Pokemon Go devs respond to player feedback from unpopular avatar update

Lucas Simons
Pokemon Go avatar designs

The Pokemon Go Lead Community Manager responded to players’ comments on the controversial avatar patch and said that they have been “circulated back to the team.”

Pokemon Go devs have noticed that the newest avatar update was not as successful as they intended and have have heard players’ suggestions to make it better. This was disclosed by a high rank employee through their X account, stating that the feedback was received by the devs.

As reported by Pokemon Go Hub, Niantic also communicated with content creators to ask for more insight on the latest patch and said “some of the visual issues have already been addressed.”

Mx. Kestrel Riot, Lead Community Manager for Pokemon Go expressed on X (formerly Twitter) that they “appreciated the critical thoughts,” in response to players’ suggestions on a separate thread and that they’ve “circulated it back to the team.” 

Most of the comments were positive responses to Niantic’s interest in improving the new avatar features, while others objectively detailed what needs to be changed. “Appreciate more hair options even after a huge wait, but the proportions are incredibly strange,” a Pokemon Go player stated.

Another of the players commenting on Mx. Kestrel Riot’s post said: “All the features of customisation are good (body adjusting bars, hair cut varieties etc.) The art itself of the avatar (face especially) doesn’t look good. The old avatar art was much better imo.”

So, if you were looking forward to Rediscover Pokemon Go and the changes it will bring, you can feel confident that this season will keep focusing on QoL improvements, and that Niantic have taken a step in the right direction by taking the players’ feedback.

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