How to get Pawmot in Pokemon Go: PvP & PvE performance, best moveset, can it be shiny?

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Pawmot in Pokemon Go

Pawmot, the Hands-On Pokemon, is one of the few Paldean creatures available in Pokemon Go. Here’s how to get Pawmot in Pokemon Go, along with its best moves for PvP and PvE, evolution, and shiny availability.

Pokemon Go is just starting the World of Wonders season, and its first event is bringin more Paldean Pokemon to the mobile game. And while many are looking forward to get Charcadet, others are glad to have the Pawmi line back in the seasonal rotation.

Pawmot is the latest stage in the Pawmi evolutionary line, and it’s an Electric/Fighting-type Pokemon that has a powerful moveset in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. However, players are wondering if it performs well in Pokemon Go PvP and PvE and if its shiny is available at all.

Here’s how to get Pawmot in Pokemon Go.

How to get Pawmot in Pokemon Go

Sleeping Pawmot in Pokemon Violet
Pawmot is an Electric/Fighting-type Pokemon.

To get Pawmot in Pokemon Go, you first need to catch a Pawmi and evolve it into Pawmo using 25 Pawmi Candy, then walk 25 km while Pawmo is your Buddy, and use 100 Pawmi Candy to evolve it into Pawmot.

The chances for a Pawmi encounter are boosted during Spotlight Hour taking place on March 5, 2024, from 6 PM to 7 PM (local time). Following the event, Pawmi will remain in the wild encounter rotations.

Is shiny Pawmot available in Pokemon Go?

No, shiny Pawmot is not available in Pokemon Go yet.

Most new Pokemon added to the mobile game make their shiny debut during Community Day events, so keep an eye out for them.

Is Pawmot good in Pokemon Go PvP?

Pawmot is good in Pokemon Go PvP, especially in the Master League, but with better options such as Magnezone and Zekrom available, it won’t make it to the top of the rankings anytime soon.

Its dual Electric/Fighting-type makes it vulnerable to Fairy, Ground, and Psychic, but Resistant to Bug, Dark, Electric, Rock, and Steel.

Ultimately, there are better options than Pawmot since Fairy-type Pokemon like Togekiss are dominating the PvP leagues.

Best Pawmot Pokemon Go PvP moveset

The best moveset for Pawmot in Pokemon Go PvP would be Spark as a Fast Move and Discharge as a Charged Move.

This combo allows you to charge fast, since Discharge is a three-bar, low energy Charged Move, and Spark is a top tier, energy/damage ratio Fast Move. Therefore, you will be using it to deplete your opponent’s shields in no time.

Pawmot evolution line in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Pawmi evolves into Pawmo, then into Pawmot with a special requirement.

Is Pawmot good in Pokemon Go PvE?

Yes, Pawmot is a good Pokemon to use in PvE, as its ideal moveset has quite a decent combo, and its base stats are more or less great. Overall its capabilities in Pokemon Go PvE are above average. While it’s a good Electric-type attacker, it won’t be game-breaking.

Best Pawmot Pokemon Go PvE moveset

The best moveset for Pawmot in Pokemon Go PvE is Spark as its Fast Move, and Wild Charge as its Charged Move. It has an attack stat of 232, which is pretty good for Raids.

Spark is a 6-damage Fast Move that is considered among the top 10 Fast Moves in the whole game. Wild Charge is a two-bar Electric-type Charged Move with a 90-damage output.

All Pawmot Pokemon Go moves

Here’s the full list of moves that Pawmot can learn in Pokemon Go:

Pawmot Pokemon Go Fast Moves

  • Charge Beam (Electric)
  • Low Kick (Fighting)
  • Spark (Electric)

Pawmot Pokemon Go Charged Moves

  • Close Combat (Fighting)
  • Discharge (Electric)
  • Thunderbolt (Electric)
  • Wild Charge (Electric)

That’s all you need to know about Pawmot in Pokemon Go. If you are still hungry for more Pokemon Go content and guides, you can also check these:

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