Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fan theory teases upcoming Legendary Raids

Lucas Simons
Tera Raid Pokemon Scarlet

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Tera Raids are the end-game PvE activities that let you capture a lot of rare and powerful Pokemon. But a recent Tera Raid has sparked a theory about some Powerful Legendaries probably coming back to the game.

Pokemon trainers are always looking for stronger species to add to their collection, and Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, are the top-tier monsters you can have in your team.

Event Tera Raids are the only way you can obtain these featured Legendary species, and the most recent Palkia & Dialga raids have left fans wondering: What’s next on the menu?

Well, a Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trainer already has a theory on which Legendary Pokemon are coming next with future Tera Raid events.

Reddit user ‘GardenSquid1’ posted this and said: “Now hear me out, I have a theory.” Then, they added, “What if an upcoming 7-star raid is going to be Giratina or Arceus?”

GardenSquid1’s theory points out the fact that Dialga and Palkia’s Tera Raids were only 5-Star Raids and quite easy ones at that. This could mean that Game Freak intended it to “function as giveaways,” much like the Mew giveaway before the Mightiest Mewtwo 7-Star Tera Raid.

One of the trainers commented: “Was thinking the same. Maybe a 7 star raid giratina is next.” User ‘thedrago0n’ also said: “Seems like it. I’d love to raid an Arceus just to have the fight. I have one in PLA. You can easily boost IVs in both games. I enjoy trying to ape fights or using new mon strategies.”

Meanwhile, user ‘Fickles1’ said: “Arceus 7 star sounds absolutely brutal.” And many of the players agreed that it would be a considerably difficult raid to tackle.

We will keep you posted if this fan theory ends up being correct, and if Game Freak announces new Tera Raid battles featuring Giratina or Arceus.

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