Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players share incredible OHKO to Blastoise Raid using Magikarp

Lucas Simons
Blastoise in the Pokemon Anime

For some Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trainers, challenging a 7-Star Raid isn’t enough. To turn the difficulty up a notch, they’ve challenged themselves to destroy Blastoise the Unrivaled with an unexpected team.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is celebrating the reveal of Pokemon Legend ZA at the Pokemon Day with a series of challenging Tera Raid Battles. These 7-Star raids feature Unrivaled Pokemon from Gen 1, including Charizard, Venusaur, and Blastoise.

These Raids tend to be quite challenging for casual and veteran players alike. However, some smart trainers who know the secrets behind every Pokemon species have developed an unusual strategy to take down the Unrivaled Blastoise using the most unlikely species: Magikarp.

Here’s what these trainers did to destroy Blastoise the Unrivaled with an impressive One-hit-KO using this seemingly “useless” Pokemon.

This was posted by Reddit user ‘Nommable123’ who is an expert in managing some of the most incredible takedowns and OHKOs against the hardest Raids in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. And players have celebrated this feat by praising the OP’s “hilariously genius” tactics.

Nommable123’s strategy used Magikarp as the main attacker, accompanied by its team members: Toxtricity, Polteageist, and Alolan Golem. Here’s a resumed version of this player’s strategy to One-hit-KO Blastoise using Magikarp:

  • Toxtricity and Polteageist use Eerie Impulse and Skill Swap before Blastoise activates its shield.
  • Alolan Golem uses Sunny Day and Polteageist uses Light Screen to improve survivability.
  • Toxtricity uses Swagger three times on Magikarp boosting its attack by x6.
  • Magikarp uses Flail on teammates to build Tera charge and Metronome (Held Item) damage.
  • Polteageist uses Skill Swap on Alolan Golem and Magikarp to grant Galvanize to Magikarp.
  • Alolan Golem uses Electric Terrain to boost the now Galvanized Flail.
  • Toxtricity Flings Lansat Berry at Magikarp to raise critical hit ratio.
  • Alolan Golem continually uses Rock Blast to activate Blastoise Weak Armor.
  • Polteageist uses Trick Room to reverse turn order.
  • Toxtricity uses Helping Hand on Magikarp.
  • Polteageist uses Attack Cheer.
  • Magikarp has HP reduced to max Flail range by Blastoise attacks and Polteageist Astonish.
  • Magikarp Terastallizes and destroys Blastoise with the Galvanized Flail at max power.

If you want to know further details about this “crazy but effective” strategy, the OP has offered a full version of their strategy in the post.

In the meantime, you can learn everything you need to know about the Terastallize phenomenon and check which hidden effects some moves have in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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