Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player finds “adorable” update to beloved Gen 1 Legendary

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Fans of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet can’t stop gushing over a “cute” detail about the Legendary Zapdos in the gameplay as they praise devs Game Freak for the effort.

Legendary Pokemon are some of the most sought-after species in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet as trainers leave no stone unturned to catch these elusive Pokemon and add them to their teams.

Fans love to flex their Legendary buddies by bringing them to the map as they adventure through the Paldea and Kitakami regions. Now, a player has noticed an intriguing detail about Zapdos and it’s something that fans can see for the first time ever!

Reddit user ‘StaleUnderwear’ shared a video from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet that shows a level 100 Zapdos in the player’s team. When they brought the Pokemon to the overworld, it began walking like a typical bird, a sight never seen before by fans of the franchise.

This seems to have surprised the OP as they captioned the post with: “Huh, I didn’t know Zapdos could walk, looks kinda goofy (idk what flair to use).”

Users commented how the brand-new walking animation in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet could take even veteran Pokemon players off-guard, especially those who have played the Gen 1 games.

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“Remember being a child filled with equal parts awe and trepidation as we approached the Zapdos in the power plant? Imagine showing your younger self this goofy chicken,” a fan wrote.

Others couldn’t help but melt seeing Zapdos walk as they commented: “I’m sorry but that’s adorable. It’s giving baby duck” and “Why is he so cute omg. Look at him doin a lil Naruto run.”

Some players addressed the elephant in the room by referring to the obvious connection to Galarain Zapdos, its Gen 8 regional counterpart.

“Learnt it from his Galarian counterpart, it seems,” a trainer mentioned as another added: “He’s trying to be Galarian Zapdos.”

However, one player pointed out the difference in the animations between the two Legendary Birds: “Galarian Zapdos looks like that but more angled down and running instead of walking.”

Ultimately, people lauded the devs for bringing new animations to the fan-favorite Pokemon, as one stated: “It’s more along the lines of I’m surprised game freak had the time or effort to have 2 separate animations for flying and walking instead of just keeping it simple and only having flying animations.”

Pokemon animations are certainly a fun aspect of the game and more of these updates would certainly be well-received by the community who are looking forward to DLC part 2.

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