Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players can’t believe notorious glitch is back for another round

Lucas Simons
Pokemon Scarlet & Violet shiny Shinx

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have received plenty of updates, including the post-launch patches dropped after every DLC. But players spotted a problem that no patch seems to be able to fix.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players participating in the Mass Outbreak event have noticed the return of a popular visual glitch: the shiny Shinx texture glitch. This visual glitch affects the Shinx family, including Luxray, and covers the body of the Pokemon with broken meshes and weird symbols.

Various players have reported that after the latest patch, this Pokemon visual glitch has returned, and players are taking this chance to remind Game Freak that the game “still needs live support.”

It is important to mention that the visual glitch affecting Shinx’s evolutionary line can pop up at random and not all specimens are affected. This time, the texture glitch seems to be affecting only shiny Shinx, and not Luxio and Luxray, like it did in past appearances of the same problem.

When the concerned trainers asked what was going on with their Shinx, they received several hilarious responses from members of the community. One of them stated: “It fell asleep at a party with shoes on. Classic mistake.” And another player responded: “Coulda been an attention-starved Jigglypuff putting on a show,” in reference to the Pokemon The Anime classic character.

However, one of the players also reassured the scared Shinx trainers about this glitch disappearing with time: “The Shinx line can just get texture glitches like that, should just go away randomly,” they explained.

Whether this glitch might be harmless or not, this visual glitch should have been fixed by now. We will keep you informed in case Game Freak releases a patch to keep all the Shinx trainers safe.

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