Pokemon Go’s Sustainability Week needs major changes after hitting new low

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go sustainability week earth day avatar items

With Pokemon Go Sustainability Week 2024 rolling, players have uncovered that the popular event has been going downhill every year as the rewards and bonuses are extremely disappointing.

Sustainability Week 2024 is up and running in Pokemon Go. The much-awaited extravaganza features popular Pokemon like Trubbish and Drilbur in Eggs with increased shiny odds and two Collection Challenges, but there’s a huge problem with the event.

This event commemorates Earth Day, and during its first edition in 2021, it featured new Pokemon, new shinies, and a bunch of rewards that made it such a fan favorite. The 2022 and 2023 versions had fewer rewards but still featured debuts of species and shinies. Now, in 2024, it has been a major disappointment, with no such perks at all.

This shocking trend was also pointed out by user ‘Monoskimouse’ in a Reddit post where they showed the highlights of the Sustainability Week event over the last four years, proving the 2024 version is a tragic departure from what the previous experiences were.

The drastic change was put into perspective by a player who stated: “So from new Pokemon + new shiny 3 years in a row to neither. That’s plain sad.”

Even other parts of the event are underwhelming, as both the Collection Challenges require the capture of only one Pokemon each and then evolving it, hardly offering anything exciting for players. That’s not all, as others mentioned 2021 featuring a free bundle that included three Remote Raid Passes while 2024 has a “special offer” in the in-game shop for which you’ll have to use PokeCoins.

The event has clearly gotten worse every year, and while many hope that the tie-in with Rediscover Kanto could have something special in store, it doesn’t change the fact that it will not host any new Pokemon or shinies.

Perhaps, making Gen 1 regional species like Tauros and Farfetch’d spawn worldwide with increased shiny odds could motivate the Pokemon Go community to hunt for these rare Shundos, but at the end of the day, it is pretty obvious that the Sustainability Week has hit a new low in 2024.