Pokemon Go players can’t trust their senses as Zorua paranoia spreads

Joaquín Frere
zorua pokemon go in the anime

Zorua is a tricky creature in Pokemon Go, as it can disguise itself as another Pokemon and confuse players who find it in the wild. This Pokemon Go player took their “unexpected” shiny encounter to Reddit, and the community thinks it’s a Zorua.

Catching shiny creatures in Pokemon Go is no easy feat, as the chances of encountering this sought-after species are low. When a shiny Pokemon spawns, most players focus on catching them fast, but there’s a certain creature who is confusing players.

Reddit user ‘Ok-Problem-4126’ took to the Pokemon Go subreddit their findings, as they encountered a shiny Mr Mime shrouded in mystery. With a “???” CP and the rare spawn, not only the OP couldn’t believe this “unexpected” encounter, but also the community.

“Did it turn into a shiny Zorua?” asked user ‘sosadotmimosa’ when reacting to the shiny catch. Zorua and its evolution Zoroark have a disguise mechanic that turns them into another Pokemon, and players can’t find out about this until they catch it.

So, more users got confused as they thought they knew how the Zorua disguise mechanic worked in Pokemon Go: “I thought Zorua matches your active buddy?” asked baffled user ‘SEKAIStamps’ when joining the shiny Mr Mime debate.

Luckily, some experienced users joined the fray to clarify things, stating that “this can only be a zorua if op already has a shiny Mr. Mime,” to which the OP quickly responded with a simple: “No.”

Even with the OP confirmation, other users added that “if your buddy is shiny, for instance, a shiny Mr. Mime, it does show up as a shiny,” to back up the confused Pokemon Go community.

Next time you encounter a shiny Pokemon in the wild, try to remember which buddy Pokemon you had on to avoid any surprises! For more on Pokemon Go, check out how players are requesting a Gym Defenders revamp, or how to get Murkrow in Pokemon Go.

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