Pokemon Go Sinnoh Tour Global: Legends 486 Timed Research tasks & rewards

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Pokemon Go Regigigas

Pokemon Go has released another Timed Research titled Legends 486, and players will be able to complete it during the Sinnoh Go Tour event.

Pokemon Go players are about to say farewell to the Timeless Travels season, and with the conclusion of the Go Sinnoh Tour Global event, no less. And trainers are eager to catch all those Sinnoh and Hisui Pokemon spawning in the wild and Raids.

The last days of the Global event will be busy with loads of things to do, for example, the Timed Research called Legends 486. And with so much research and tasks going around, it gets hard to track all your completed challenges and rewards.

So here’s all you need to know about Legends 486 Timed Research, including tasks and rewards for this Pokemon Go Sinnoh Tour Global challenge.

How to complete Legends 486 Timed Research tasks

pokemon go legendary raid boss regigigas
Regigigas is one of the best Normal-type Pokemon in the game.

The Legends 486 Timed Research will be available for all players participating in the Pokemon Go Sinnoh Tour Global event. To complete the Legends 486 Timed Research, players need to finish the following tasks:

Step 1/1

Complete 3 Party ChallengesRegigigas encounter

Rewards for completing this research include Regirock Candy x 10, Registeel Candy x 10, and Regice Candy x 10.

Keep in mind that you need to complete these tasks and claim the rewards before Sunday, February 25, 2024, at 6 PM local time, or else they will be lost forever.

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