Pokemon Go player shares how to get Sinnoh Legendary special moves without Raids or TMs

Niladri Sarkar
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The new free Timed Research in Pokemon Go rewards players with certain Sinnoh Legendaries after winning a number of Raids. But, a player has revealed a trick to get those Legendaries with their exclusive moves in Pokemon Go, all without beating them in Raids or using any Elite Charged TMs.

With Go Tour 2024: Sinnoh just around the corner in Pokemon Go, players are enjoying the Gen 4 vibe with the Road to Sinnoh event, including the Timed Research quests themed around Raids and hatching Eggs.

Fans are particularly enjoying the free version of the Research as it rewards four Legendaries from the Sinnoh region, with each Pokemon being an asset for PvE and PvE battles.

While everyone is grinding the quest to grab the iconic Legendaries quickly, a trainer has warned against claiming those encounters immediately since a simple trick can help you catch them with their special exclusive moves, that would otherwise need Elite Charged TMs or taking on Raids featuring those moves.

The trainer, named ‘cherylobeee’ on Reddit, wrote, “Save your encounters for raid hours!” in a post showing a screengrab of the Road to Sinnoh: Raid Challenge Timed Research.

They also mentioned: “It’s worth saving up these reward Pokemon encounters for the raid hours happening this week to get the special move(s),” while adding: “It’s worth noting that moves are determined when you hit ‘Claim reward’ so you can’t open the encounter but save the catch until the raid hour – that won’t work.”

This revelation surprised many Pokemon Go players, who were completely unaware of this piece of info. One said that this was a “shock” to them but thankfully, they hadn’t claimed the Legendaries and would be able to bag the special moves.

A user gave all the information on the dates of the Raid Hours in February: “Tuesday 20th: Cresselia Thursday 22nd: Heatran Friday 23rd: Giratina,” between 6 to 7 PM local time. While Darkrai’s Raid Hour was on February 19, fans would be relieved to know that its special move, Sludge Bomb, is the least meta-relevant among the four.

While you prepare for the Sinnoh Tour, check out how to beat Dialga Origin and Palkia Origin Raids in Pokemon Go.

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