Pokemon Go Plus+ user bypasses annoying strobe light with clever mod

Lucas Simons
Pokemon Go Plus+ device

Pokemon Go Plus+ users were complaining about annoying lights and uncontrollable vibration, even causing one talented player to mod their devices to bypass those jittery alerts.

Pokemon Go Plus+ got released on July 14, and soon became the talk of all Pokemon trainers, not just because it was a cool device but also for its alerts. While it’s a useful device that can be paired with Pokemon Sleep and Pokemon Go, many players complained about the constant notifications.

But now, some users are sharing their own homemade solutions to those buggy alerts. A Reddit user named ‘DowntownMarionberry4’ shared his “first mod for the new device.” The makeshift solution for the lights involves putting a piece of paper over the LED, to dim those disco lights.

You can see in the following Reddit thread how the OP invested great effort to make a mod for the auto-throw function of the Pokemon Go Plus+ device, connecting the alert function of the vibrator engine to the device’s button, making the catch totally automatic.

Other users have found simpler solutions, like removing the vibrator motor and two of the LEDs without affecting the way the gadget performs. It is a risky solution, but they seem to know that already.

It’s worth keeping in mind that modding the Pokemon Go Plus+ yourself could affect its warranty, so it’s safer to avoid tinkering with the device unless you know exactly what you are doing.

Still, there’s a chance that Pokemon Go and Niantic offer a software-based solution for these issues, as players are asking for an option to deactivate alerts or at least lower the intensity of the lights.

We will keep you posted if more information regarding Pokemon Go Plus+ software changes come up. In the meantime, you can learn how to play Pokemon Sleep or discover the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

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