Pokemon Go Plus+ users quickly discover “concerning” issues with device

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The Pokemon Go Plus+ item is out now, and it seems that some users have found some pretty strange issues with their devices. Some have claimed that “cringy” and “weird” things are happening.

Pokemon Go Plus+ was officially released on July 14, but some users got their hands on the Pokemon Go device a little earlier. Most of the users are still indecisive regarding its utility. Others seem to be happy with it, but with every launch, there are bound to be some that find errors and issues.

Some players have claimed that the device “lights up by itself” for no apparent reason. Others have said that the device shines like a “disco ball” every time they went near a PokeStop or a Pokemon spawned in the vicinity.

Interestingly enough, turning on the Silent mode was not enough to solve this problem, and Pokemon Go Plus+ users are starting to complain.

It seems notifications and vibration alerts for Pokemon spawns and nearby PokeStops cannot be silenced either. Of course, Pokemon Go players can turn off all notifications entirely.

However, some Pokemon GO Plus + users have manifested that they are “pleased” with the device’s performance. They state that even with the downsides, the device “seems to work quite well otherwise.”

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The devs haven’t commented yet but, as stated in the official FAQ section of the device: “It is not possible to turn off the lights in the buttons on Pokemon GO Plus +.” So, it seems like the sparkly lights are part of the service. We will keep you informed if the devs make any changes to the device.

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