Pokemon Go players unite to completely ignore “pointless” Party Up event

Lucas Simons
Pikachu ignores AshThe Pokemon Company/Niantic

As Adventures Abound closes an era filled with a lot of new features and species, Pokemon Go devs are being questioned about the most recent Party Up! event. Players united to protest by ignoring the event.

Pokemon Go had a good roll with Adventures Abound, and some of the features implemented during this season, like the PokeStop Showcases and the Ultra Unlock event, were well received by the fans. But Pokemon trainers are not satisfied with simple content drops, they want quality of life changes.

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Recently, former employees of Niantic have called out about the company’s behavior towards some of the changes highly requested by players. And the community has responded by slamming the Pokemon Go devs on multiple occasions.

Now, a group of players led by Reddit user ‘MHW_Guild_Hunter’ have taken it to Reddit to protest about the most recent event, Party Up!, which ended up being completely ignored by the player base.

Reddit user MHW_Guild_Hunter posted this to protest against the Party Up! event and said: “What an eventful week this was, right?” This sparked a quick and harsh response from the Pokemon Go community, which then led to a discussion surrounding a possible protest for the next events.

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A Pokemon Go player suggested: “We should totally ignore future similar events, to protest against these ridiculous Party tasks. Rural players are getting enough pressure by disappearing PokeStops and now this!” Another user answered: “It sucks for us solo players, but I imagine it was pretty hype for people who play with friends. Can’t win em all.”

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While another player added: “I hope somebody working at Niantic make a graphic to show at some boss how much people didn’t play in that event.”

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Another player also considers that the company is “forcing content” upon the players: “And their response: We’ll force even more content into party play, that’ll get them to use the feature! Exclusive raids and Pokemon encounters maybe. Yeah that’s the ticket.”

But what about the players who managed to complete the taxing objectives of this event? Well, the reward was not up to their liking either: “I finished it, the prize was a Wurmple with a hat… felt so cheated.”

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Certainly, it would seem that Niantic is taking some counter-intuitive measures that go against the wishes of their player base. But they have also launched a lot of positive features this year, and the game is more alive than ever.

As long as they manage to balance what the community needs, and what the company aims to deliver, Pokemon Go will continue to thrive.

We will keep you posted about future changes coming with the next Pokemon Go season. In the meantime, you can check out some of the recently implemented gimmicks like the Routes Feature, and the upcoming Spotlight Hour events for the rest of the season.

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