Pokemon Go players slam Niantic for “ridiculous” Research encounter rewards

Lucas Simons
Pokemon Go encounter rewards

Pokemon Go players are tired of “ridiculous” and repetitive encounter rewards for Research tasks, and they are roasting Niantic, calling for a change. Trainers have taken to social media to complain about this recurring issue.

Pokemon Go players have always had a troubled relationship with Niantic. Lately, with the issues related to connectivity, unfair treatment of rural players, and unexplainable ban sprees, players seem to have lost faith in the developers.

To top it off, players have now set their sights on repetitive rewards. This is reflected in the many posts on social media, complaining about the “ridiculous” and lackluster rewards players get by completing Research tasks.

Reddit user ‘PoorLifeChoices811’ has created a post about the issue and said: “These Research mons are getting absolutely ridiculous. I’m tired of only ever seeing useless reoccurring Research Pokemon.”

The player also added some insight about this problem: “Sableye and Furfrou seem to be the top two mons I’ve gotten from completing Research for the last half year. I’m sick of it. They don’t have to bring back legendaries but for the love of god at least make week-long Research rewards worth it. Cause they aren’t in the slightest.”

Research rewards used to grant access to a wide variety of encounters in the past, and some of them could even be Legendary Pokemon encounters, but that mechanic didn’t last long, and Pokemon Go shifted it to the Raid hour mechanic.

One of the players commenting in the above post had this to say about the issue: “I miss when they were legendaries. I was more motivated to play every day and to do my Research tasks.” While, another player responded: “Yeah, like at least make it so the first one of the month is something worthwhile, then give collector mons for subsequent ones.”

It is unlikely that Niantic will bring back the Legendary Pokemon encounter rewards for Research tasks, but players can still keep their hopes up.

In the meantime, you can keep track of all the ways to catch Legendary Pokemon in the game, and in case you missed it, there’s a new event called Fashion Week 2023 coming to Pokemon Go.

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