Pokemon Go players slam “ridiculous” Rare Candy XL drops during Halloween event

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go rare candy xl image along with a funny snippet from the anime

The Halloween 2023 event in Pokemon Go ended on a sour note as players hardly got the promised higher chances of getting Rare Candy XL and Rare Candy from catching costumed species. Now, the community is extremely unhappy as they called the event “disrespectful” of their time.

Rare Candy XL and Rare Candy are two prized assets among the Pokemon Go community as these useful items help fans level up their Pokemon in the mobile game. While Rare Candies can take species to level 40, Rare Candies XL are used to max them out to level 50.

So when the game announced that fans would have a high chance of getting both Rare Candy versions by catching costumed Pokemon on October 31, the community was beyond excited.

But now, players are reporting that they got little to no Rare Candies during the event and slammed game devs Niantic for hosting an event that many called a “lie.”

Reddit user ‘redditquicky’ wrote: “So was this a lie? I’ve caught a good 400 Pokemon today and haven’t gotten one Rare Candy” in a post that highlighted the Rare Candy bonus for October 31 in Pokemon Go.

The post garnered a lot of attention from other players who shared the OP’s frustration and commented about their unpleasant experience with the poor Rare Candy drop rate. One user stated, “Apparently less than 1% drop, ridiculous.”

One more player went on to call it a “rigged event” as they “caught 100 mons and got 1 rare candy,” while another added: “I’ve caught at least 300, likely more, and still nothing.”

As similar comments popped up, a person mentioned, “I got ONE Rare Candy XL, which is more than most from what I’m reading (in the comments),” as a fan also remarked: “Even for the most hardcore grinders it’s becoming ridiculous. It’s disrespectful of our time.”

pokemon go rare candy xl promo image
100 Pokemon Candies equal 1 Rare Candy XL, making them extremely valuable.

If all this wasn’t enough already, some claimed that the event ended even before Halloween was done and dusted. “Also didn’t realize Halloween spawns ended while it was still Halloween. Lol what a dumb game.

The Halloween event is one of the most exciting occasions in Pokemon Go, so it’s unfortunate to see that many fans were unhappy with how it played out.

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