Pokemon Go players fed up with “annoying” Gen 2 Fighting-type species

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go gen 2 fighting-type species hitmontop

A large section of Pokemon Go trainers are sick of constantly encountering Hitmontop in the wild, with many even avoiding this Fighting-type Pokemon from the Johto region altogether.

Fighting-type species are some of the strongest in Pokemon Go as they offer excellent coverage against various Pokemon types in PvP and PvE battles.

While Pokemon like Lucario, Machamp, and Conkeldurr enjoy cult status among fans, a certain species has earned a stamp of disapproval from the community: Hitmontop.

This Pokemon is a part of the popular ‘Hitmon’ trio, and their Shadow versions can be found after beating Team Go Rocket Grunts.

But with Hitmontop spawns being everywhere in the wild, players are desperate for a “break” from them in the game.

After Reddit user ‘Shinjosh13’ posted a meme highlighting their frustration with repeatedly coming across Hitmontop in Pokemon Go, several fellow trainers could relate to the situation and agreed with the OP.

Users commented: “I legitimately have stopped wasting balls on this little twerp” and “I just ignore them completely at this point. so tired of em,” clearly expressing their disappointment with Hitmontop spawns.

Aside from the large spawn numbers, fans elaborated on why they aren’t trying to capture the Pokemon.

“I just hate Hitmontop! I cannot understand why a Pokemon it’s so hard to catch,” a player wrote while another added: “All trash and take multiple Berries and Balls and still runs. No thanks, he isn’t very useful anyway.”

But it appears that Pokemon Go mechanics aren’t the only reason for fans finding Hitmontop “annoying,” as users also pointed out how they didn’t like the Pokemon’s “dead eye stare and rhythmic nonsense movement.”

Since shiny Hitmontop is available in Pokemon Go, the community probably has only one reason to click on its spawns as one put it, “I’m going to keep checking them all until I get a shiny. Then never again.”

If you want to avoid Hitmontop in Pokemon Go, you can focus on the latest Ditto disguises and how to catch Zorua.

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