Pokemon Go players desperate for missing Egg feature to solve major storage problem

Ezequiel Leis
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Pokemon Go keeps adding new Pokemon regularly, but storage features have not improved over the years. Now, a player is begging for a missing feature regarding Eggs.

Pokemon Go players are used to the struggle that comes with very little storage space, whether it’s for Pokemon or the many items the game has. PokeCoins can solve most of those problems, but when it comes to Eggs, game mechanics around them can feel a bit outdated.

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Players today can store up to nine Eggs in their regular storage in Pokemon Go, with three bonus spaces for 12km Team Go Rocket leader rewards or weekly walking gifts.

Once you hatch an Egg, its slot becomes available for you to turn to a PokeStop and get a new one, but you never know what you’re gonna get. This proves problematic when players are chasing after specific event-related or seasonal Pokemon and they’re demanding a new discard feature.

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Pokemon Go fans beg for ‘discard Egg’ feature

Pokemon Go and Reddit user Homeless_Alex shared a screenshot of their Egg storage stating: “Can we please get the option to discard eggs? This really sucks without incubators when trying for 7km event Pokemon.”

In the comments, other players shared their thoughts and suggested different approaches for Niantic to tackle the issue. One user claimed, “Niantic wants you to purchase incubators in the shop, if they let you delete they lose money,” but their argument wasn’t supported by many others.

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Another recent Reddit thread revealed most regular Pokemon Go players only spend PokeCoins on storage-increasing items. While many players agree that a discard Egg feature would come in handy, increasing Egg storage with a new item could also be an interesting solution.

A third option discussed on Reddit is that trainers should get a chance to reject an egg when they’re spinning PokeStops, just like in other Pokemon games. “I think that’s fair. I’d support that. Let’s say you spin and it’s like ‘take one 2Km Egg’ yes/no. Same for gift eggs,” explained one user.

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With the Valentine’s Day event, Pokemon Go Hoenn Tour right around the corner, and Pokemon Day a few weeks away, developers at Niantic are probably too busy to make big changes to Egg management mechanics, but it could be an interesting update to keep in mind.

Image Credits: Niantic / The Pokemon Company

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