Pokemon Go player finds second-rarest wild spawn in the game

Lucas Simons
Pokemon Go trainer running

Trainers are always running to catch the rarest species in Pokemon Go, but this trainer found a strange Pokemon they didn’t have in the ‘Nearby’ tab and asked the community what it was.

Pokemon Go players are usually aware of their surroundings and constantly check for more Pokemon to add to their collections. In some cases, rare Pokemon tend to escape their grasp, only to be found years later.

When one of these Pokemon spawns in the wild, people tend to get excited and run for the chance to encounter one of these elusive species. This happened with a Pokemon Go trainer who saw a strange silhouette appearing on the ‘nearby’ alert and asked the community if they should run for it.

The post was made in the Pokemon Go subreddit by user ‘Desitur,’ who shared it and asked the community: “What is this? Should I run?”

The silhouette that appears in Desitur’s Nearby tab was none other than ‘Unown W,’ the second rarest Pokemon to pop up in the wild after Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf.

One of the trainers who saw this post warned them: “THAT IS AN UNOWN W, RUN IMMEDIATELY GO AS FAST AS YOU CAN, YOU NEED THAT THING!” And Desitur answered back: “I was actually running while writing here. Thanks!”

After that, many players asked the OP if they managed to get the rarest Unown of the bunch, to which they answered affirmatively. Trainers celebrated the successful catch by saying: “Absolute beast of a PoGo player. Good job!” While another player also commented: “Good find! Congrats!”

If not for the community’s fast response, this elusive Pokemon might have gone their way without being added to the OP’s collection, which is yet another example of how collaborative the Pokemon Go community is.

Desitur also explained that they called it out in their local PoGo Telegram channel, which led to many successful captures of this rare Pokemon. A happy ending for a happy community.

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