Pokemon Go players roast Niantic for ruining Halloween fun early

Lucas Simons
Pokemon Go Halloween Event banner

Pokemon Go players are roasting Niantic after discovering that the Halloween event ended too early for them. Some are even saying that the company is ‘out of touch with reality.’

For most Pokemon Go players, in-game events are supposed to be fun, engaging opportunities to gather and hunt Pokemon with friends and family. And the Halloween Event, held every year, has left some players wondering about its untimely ending.

Some members of the Reddit community are even roasting Niantic for ending the event 3 hours prior to midnight, which for a Halloween event, looks like a total missed opportunity. This has added up to the many times that players disagreed with the company and ended up with trainers protesting on social media.

Another player, also angry about the disappearance of the Ghost-type Pokemon, responded: “It is Halloween night and the ghost Pokemon are GONE. They show up for not even the entire month of October, just three weeks. I’m dumbfounded.”

Meanwhile, others are asking for more Halloween-related content and Ghost species that are not yet in the game: “Even Pokemon Unite already have Mimikyu for this Helloween. Niantic please !!”

Keep in mind that Niantic always thinks first in the safety of the players first and the fact that the Halloween event ended a little bit earlier than expected, might be due to this.

Though it is true that the Halloween event has ended, other players are looking forward to the upcoming Festival of Lights event and the return of the Mega Khangaskan Raids, which will be a great opportunity for players to complete their Kanto Pokedex.