Pokemon Go devs finally roll out fix to broken catches ruining throws

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go trainers trying to catch ho-oh and rayquaza

The 0.317.0 version of Pokemon Go made something as simple as Poke Ball catches a nightmare and Excellent Throws nearly impossible. Now, this issue is finally getting fixed in an update slowly rolling out globally.

Players were furious as catching Pokemon became a daunting task, leaving them unable to farm XP and complete certain Field Research tasks. The situation became so bad, that everyone thought it was a bug, and with the rushed version 0.319.0 getting it sorted, it definitely might have been one.

YouTuber ‘The Excellent Pokédex’ created a video titled: “Video Proof that Niantic FIXED the Catch Mechanics in Pokemon Go 0.319.0!” where they showed that the latest version has rolled back the catching issue to how it was previously.

Several trainers took to the comments section to thank the YouTuber for sharing the news while also highlighting their experiences with catching Pokemon. They said that the change brought “relief” to them.

A player wrote, “I’ve noticed the feel has been better today. I was starting to think I was getting used to the change,” as others gushed over how great it feels to be back to catching Pokemon like before.

The video prompted Reddit user ‘b33tsalad’ to share the update on The Silph Road subreddit, glad over the fix to the “broken” catch mechanics.

Users confirmed that the 0.319.0 version is not available globally yet, and is slowly rolling out, with iOS devices yet to receive it at all.

A trainer who received the update early commented: “I got to it 2 days ago and yes it fixes the throw mechanic. Once I learned that this update existed I downloaded the apk.”

Many had started to feel that they’d got “terrible” at catching due to the issues and are now eagerly awaiting the update to be available on their mobiles.

With Go Fest 2024 closing in and Pokemon Go finally making catches as normal as ever, players can look forward to grabbing all the debuting shinies in the grand event.

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