Pokemon fans desperate for more events like Pecharunt’s Epilogue Quest

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Pecharunt Lore

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players are praising Game Freak for the latest Kitakami Epilogue Quest and are hoping that this is a sign of change.

For fans of the Pokemon franchise, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet were considerably good, especially in regards to the lore behind the Mythical and Legendary Pokemon. However, players believe the events in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet could use the latest Mochi Mayhem Epilogue quest as a reference.

Some trainers have considered the overall quality of the content drops for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and have seen the Epilogue Quest as a good sign that Game Freak is going back to its roots, and they are begging the devs to stay on course.

Here’s what the community has been discussing about the recent Epilogue Event and how the devs have handled the overall changes of Gen 9 games.

The OP started the discussion by saying: “Let’s hope the Pecharunt Event is a sign of change.” Most of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players who read the post strongly agreed with this and said things like: “Pecharunt’s quest was so good. Hope they stay on course.”

Some fans of the Pokemon games are not so happy with the current in-game events, as expressed by the players: “The raid ones are fun in concept, the raid system is just super jank.” And another one said: “Couldn’t agree more.”

Meanwhile, another Pokemon fan stated: “The raids just don’t feel like events. No wild moveset or even in a cherish ball. What’s to separate it from a normal raid mon? It’s not it.”

On the other hand, Reddit user ‘Damaho’ explained why older events were wrong, and why the current content drops are more accessible: “While the events were better back in the day, actually getting the gifts was a nightmare if you didn’t happen to live in Japan.”

And then added: “They barely gave them away near me. Getting Deoxys? Not for you. Mew? Keep pushing that truck. That’s why Gen 4 and 5 were the best for those. Most event gifts were distributed over the Internet, so it was easier to get them.”

This is a fair point, as most of the trainers agree that recent events (even the Mystery Gift distribution ones) have been more inclusive with the global audience.

And if you want to know what’s so good about the Epilogue Quest, here’s Pecharunt’s Lore Explained, and this is a full guide on the upcoming second wave of Tera Raid Battles: Mighty Blaziken.

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