How to get Passimian in Pokemon Go: Can it be shiny?

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Passimian in Pokemon Go

Passimian, the Teamwork Pokemon, has been added recently to Pokemon Go during the World Championship event. Players that want to know how to catch this Pokemon and if it can be Shiny can read all the details below.

Pokemon Go is having its own World Championship celebration event with a lot of new content drops, Research, and the debut of Passimian, the Teamwork Pokemon. Passimian is a Fighting-type Pokemon inspired by a ring-tailed lemur.

This Pokemon was included first in Generation 7 as a counterpart of Oranguru and has appeared in several episodes in the anime ever since. Now, Pokemon Go players have the chance to get it for their teams, and here’s how they can do it, and also, if it can be shiny.

How to obtain Passimian in Pokemon Go

Here’s how Pokemon Go trainers can add Passimian to their Pokedex:

  • Completing Field Research Tasks
  • Participating in 3-Star Raid battles

Passimian does not appear in the wild. It will only be available through Field Research tasks and Raid Battles throughout the duration of the Worlds Championship Event 2023 that runs from August 11 to August 15, 2023.

Passimian and Costume Pikachu in Pokemon Go
The Passimian debut came alongside a new costumed Pikachu to celebrate Worlds Championship 2023.

Can Passimian be shiny in Pokemon Go?

Currently, shiny Passimian is not available in Pokemon Go. Usually, it takes some time for Pokemon Go shiny Pokemon to debut, as they are often part of certain events.

We will let you know once shiny Passimian is added to the game. For the moment, try to catch one to cover that Pokedex entry before the World Championship event ends.

That’s everything you need to know on how to get Passimian in Pokemon Go, now go out there and catch some. And if you are still interested in learning more about Pokemon Go or are looking for your next guides, we recommend you also read these:

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