How to get Mareanie in Pokemon Go: Evolution & can it be shiny?

Niladri Sarkar
mareanie with pokemon go background

Mareanie is an iconic Pokemon Go species, so here’s how to get it in Pokemon Go, its evolution to Toxapex, and if its shiny is available.

Pokemon Go players are eager to catch Mareanie, an icon made popular by the Pokemon Sun and Moon anime, and evolve it to Toxapex, a formidable species in mainline games.

Here’s all you need to know to get Mareanie in Pokemon Go.

How to catch Mareanie in Pokemon Go

Here’s how you can catch Mareanie in Pokemon Go:

pokemon go species mareanie in the anime
Mareanie is a Poison/Water-type Pokemon.

Mareanie spawns will be boosted around your location during the Spotlight Hour event on May 28, 2024, from 6 PM to 7 PM local time. So use this opportunity to catch multiple Mareanie and collect Candy for it.

Outside events, you’re more likely to find Mareanie as a wild spawn in Cloudy or Rainy in-game weather.

Can Mareanie be shiny in Pokemon Go?

Yes, shiny Mareanie will make its Pokemon Go debut during the Ultra Space Wonders event, running from May 23, at 10 AM, until May 28, 2024, at 8 PM local time.

During this event, Mareanie will be easier to find in the wild, so don’t miss this opportunity to hunt for this brand-new shiny.

How to evolve Mareanie to Toxapex in Pokemon Go

You can evolve Mareanie to Toxapex using 50 Candy in Pokemon Go. Be sure to use Pinap or Silver Pinap Berries each time you catch Mareanie to evolve it to Toxapex fast.

And there you have it! This is all you need to know about Mareanie in Pokemon Go. For more content and guides on the game, check out the following:

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