How to get Pancham in Pokemon Go: Evolution & can it be shiny?

Ezequiel Leis
Pancham in a bamboo forest in Pokemon Go

Pancham is one of the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go and it’s also one of the hardest species to get. To help trainers in their quest, here’s how to get Pancham in Pokemon Go, including details on how to evolve it and its shiny availability.

Pancham’s debut event let Pokemon Go players catch it in the wild, but the Playful Pokemon has since turned into one of the rarest Pokemon to get in the mobile game.

If you’re looking to get Pancham in Pokemon Go, we’ve got you covered with everything you need, including shiny chances and how to evolve it into Pangoro.

How to catch Pancham in Pokemon Go

The only way to get Pancham in Pokemon Go is by hatching it from 12 Km Eggs. Players can get 12 Km Eggs by defeating any of the Team Go Rocket Leaders – Sierra, Cliff, or Arlo. Giovanni doesn’t reward players with a 12 Km Egg, so don’t try your luck against the Team Go Rocket Boss for this.

On some rare occasions, Pancham can headline Raids in Pokemon Go during special events. So keep an eye out for future events and check our Raid schedule regularly.

Pancham and Pangoro in a Pokemon Go background
Pancham and Pangoro are some of the rarest creatures in Pokemon Go.

How to evolve Pancham into Pangoro in Pokemon Go

Here’s what you need to do to evolve Pancham into Pangoro in Pokemon Go:

  1. Set Pancham as your buddy.
  2. Catch 32 Dark-type Pokemon with Pancham as your buddy.
  3. Collect 50 Pancham Candy.
  4. Tap the evolve button.

The best possible time to complete Pancham’s evolution challenge is during Team Rocket Takeovers, since they boost the spawn of Dark-type Pokemon.

Pancham is one of the few Pokemon with special conditions to evolve in Pokemon Go. Keep in mind that you’ll need to do this whole process with every Pancham you want to evolve.

Can Pancham & Pangoro be shiny in Pokemon Go?

Yes, both Pancham and Pangoro can be shiny in Pokemon Go. You might have to hatch many 12km Eggs before you find one, though, so keep that in mind.

And there you have it! That’s everything you need to get Pancham and Pangoro in Pokemon Go. For more content, check some of our other guides:

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