How to get Clodsire in Pokemon Go: PvP & PvE performance, best moveset, can it be shiny?

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Clodsire in Pokemon Go

Clodsire is coming to Pokemon Go, and trainers want to know all about Paldean Wooper’s evolution, including its shiny availability, PvE and PvP performance, and moveset. If you are looking for all those details, here’s a guide for you.

Pokemon Go is closing Adventures Abound with a lot of events, including the Festival of Lights and the debut of Paldean Wooper in the next Community Day. Trainers want to know everything about this Poison/Ground Pokemon, and here’s all the information they need.

But, is Clodsire any good in PvP? How about in PvE? For those trainers wondering if this Spiny Fish is worth the farming effort, here’s everything you need to know about Clodsire in Pokemon Go.

How to get Clodsire in Pokemon Go

To get Clodsire in Pokemon Go, you need to evolve Paldean Wooper by feeding it 50 Wooper candy. Farming the required candy will be no issue, as the next Community Day will feature Wooper and Paldean Wooper.

Keep in mind that any Clodsire that evolves during the upcoming Community Day will learn the legacy move Megahorn.

Is shiny Clodsire available in Pokemon Go?

Yes, shiny Clodsire and shiny Paldean Wooper are available in Pokemon Go. Shiny Paldean Wooper can be evolved into shiny Clodsire, and during the event, the odds of encountering shiny Paldean Wooper in Pokemon Go will be higher than on regular days with a 4% chance (1 in 25).

Clodsire Pokedex Entry
Clodsire loves to live in shallow puddles of muddy water and will defend its pond fiercely.

Clodsire Pokemon Go PvP performance

Yes, Clodsire is good in PvP, especially in the Great League. It has amazing stats (127 Att./151 Def/277 Sta) and great type advantages. Its moveset makes it more versatile than spammers like Swampert and Steelix.

Clodsire also comes to bring an end to the reign of terror of Spark spamming Lanturn. Its moveset with Stone Edge as a Charged Move and Poison Sting as a Fast Move makes it really good against certain preferred types for this league.

Best Clodsire Pokemon Go PvP moveset

Clodsire’s best moveset for PvP in Pokemon Go is Mud Shot as Fast Move and Sludge Bomb as Charged Move. It’s a solid counter for spammers like Steelix and even Swampert, though the latter will resist both moves. It is a strong threat against Registeel, Bastiodon, Carbink, and, of course, Lanturn.

A variation of this also involves using Stone Edge as a Charged Move or Megahorn (its legacy move), but they are too situational, and though the first requires low energy, it is not as damaging as Sludge Bomb.

Clodsire Pokemon Go PvE performance

Clodsire‘s performance in Pokemon Go PvE is subpar, considering its low Max CP of 2207. Its stats make it really resilient but do not expect too much Total Damage Output (TDO) from its several combos.

There are better Ground-type options if you want to go into Raids. But if you are hellbent on using it for PvE and trying it for yourself, here’s its best moveset.

Clodsire in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
Contrary to Quagsire, Clodsire is of the Poison/Ground typing, making it quite useful for certain lineups.

Best Clodsire Pokemon Go PvE moveset

Clodsire’s best PvE moveset includes Mud Shot as Fast Move and Earthquake as Charged Move. This combo has an average of 290 TDO (Total Damage Output), but being Ground-type focused, it might have its utility against certain Fire and Electric-type Raids.

All Clodsire Pokemon Go moves

Here’s a list of all Clodsire’s moves available in Pokemon Go:

Fast Moves

  • Mud Shot
  • Poison Sting

Charged Moves

  • Earthquake
  • Stone Edge
  • Sludge Bomb
  • Water Pulse
  • Acid Spray
  • Megahorn

Keep in mind that those marked with a (*) are legacy moves and can only be learned through the use of Elite Charged TMs or during special events.

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