How to defeat Titan Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet: Can Titan Pokemon be captured?

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Wondering how Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s new Titan Pokemon work? We’ve got answers to all your questions including whether or not they can be captured after you defeat them.

New generational Pokemon games typically come accompanied by some form of new gimmick/feature not seen in other games in the franchise, and Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are no different.

Sword and Shield featured the raid-like Gigantamax Pokemon and Legends Arceus welcomed Nobles for the first time. Now, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet bring Titan Pokemon to the series for the first time ever.

But what exactly is this new concept, and how does it work in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet? Let’s find out.

What are Titan Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet?

Titan Pokemon are essentially much larger versions of their regular forms, similar to Alphas from Legends Arceus, but Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trainers should know there are Five, full-grown Titan Pokemon in the game.

Who are the Titan Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet?

As we mentioned, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet features five Titan Pokemon fights for you to take part in and overcome.

Here is each Titan Pokemon you can face:

  • Klawf – Stony Cliff Titan
  • Bombirdier – Open Sky Titan
  • Orthworm – Lurking Steel Titan
  • Great Tusk / Iron Treads – The Quaking Earth Titan
  • Dondozo and Tatsugiri – The False Dragon Titan

Each one increases in difficulty as you make your way through them, so make sure you’re leveling up your Pokemon sufficiently before approaching these encounters.

bombirdier pokemon overhead in scarlet and violet

How to defeat Titan Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet?

There isn’t a special method to winning these battles as there was with Legends Arceus’ Nobles fights. You just simply need to identify the Pokemon’s weakness and use strategy and strength to overcome your much larger opponent in Violet & Scarlet.

Level up your Pokemon using EXP Share, Rare Candy, and anything else you can get your hands on to make the battle easier if you’re struggling.

What rewards do you get for defeating Titan Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet?

Each Titan Pokemon is guarding a certain item that you will find very useful in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet – Herba Mystica.

Every kind of Herba Mystic you can get your hands on can be fed to your mount to give it a new ability that will aid your traversal of Paldea.

Can you capture Titan Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet?

Once you’ve defeated a Titan Pokemon, you will not be able to capture one of these behemoths.

On the other hand, even though you won’t be able to get yourself the actual Titan version of each Pokemon, if you return to the area where you claimed victory, then you might be able to find solace in the fact that large versions of the game’s base Pokemon do exist.

Again, they are more in keeping with Alpha forms as we’ve seen in Pokemon games’ past, and will still look like a great addition to your collection – especially if you’re going for all shiny forms and Legendaries.

That just about wraps up our Pokemon Scarlet & Violet guide on Titan Pokemon and their various functions and purpose.

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