How to beat Pokemon Go Mega Houndoom Raid: Weaknesses, counters & can it be shiny?

Niladri Sarkar
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Mega Houndoom Raid battles are tough to beat in Pokemon Go, but fans are eager to catch this powerful species and add it to their teams. So here’s all you need to know about Mega Houndoom Raids in Pokemon Go, including the weaknesses and top counters, and if its shiny version is available.

The fearsome Mega Houndoom takes over Pokemon Go Mega Raids, giving players the opportunity to capture this powerful Dark/Fire-type Pokemon. With sky-high DPS (Damage Per Second) figures, this Mega-evolved species is a top-notch PvE addition.

Now, while the community is looking to quickly bag Mega Houndoom, they also know how challenging these Raid Battles can be. But with the right counters that take advantage of the Raid Boss’ weaknesses, fans can beat it without much effort.

So here’s all you need to know about Mega Houndoom’s weaknesses and the best counters to beat the Raid, as well as the shiny availability of Mega Houndoom in Pokemon Go.

How to get Mega Houndoom in Pokemon Go

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Mega Houndoom is an excellent counter to Ghost and Psychic-type Pokemon.

You can get Mega Houndoom in Pokemon Go by catching regular Houndoom after beating it in the Raid Battle and then Mega-evolving it with 200 Mega Energy.

Mega Houndoom Raids will run from November 3, 2023, until November 12, 2023. Defeating the Raid will give you Mega Energy to obtain Mega Houndoom.

Pokemon Go Mega Houndoom weaknesses

Mega Houndoom is weak to Fighting, Ground, Rock, and Water-type attacks in Pokemon Go.

These Pokemon types are some of the strongest in the game with high CP (Combat Power), so you will have a wide variety of options to choose from.

That said, Mega Raids are tough, so it is important to pick the best counters that can make quick work of the Raid Boss.

Best counters for Pokemon Go Mega Houndoom Raid

The overall best counter to beat Mega Houndoom Raids in Pokemon Go is Primal Groudon with Mud Shot and Precipice Blades.

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Primal Groudon is the strongest Ground-type species in Pokemon Go.

While Primal Groudon is undoubtedly the top Mega Houndoom Raid counter, beating the powerful Raid Boss would require you to use more Pokemon in the battle.

So here’s a list of the best counters to beat Mega Houndoom Raids in Pokemon Go:

  • Primal Groudon: With a whopping Attack stat of 353 and its signature move Precipice Blades to boot, Primal Groudon is your go-to Mega Houndoom counter.
  • Primal Kyogre: Close on the heels of Primal Groudon and sharing the same Attack stat, Primal Kyogre is an insanely powerful Pokemon with its signature move Origin Pulse.
  • Mega Swampert: This powerful Mega evolution is flexible as it works with both its Water and Ground-type moves, but Hydro Cannon is usually preferred.
  • Terrakion: The Legendary Terrakion hits super hard with its strong moveset of Double Kick and Sacred Sword.
  • Mega Diancie: Aside from having an amazing offensive profile, Mega Diancie can resist Mega Houndoom’s strongest moves.

Other good Mega Houndoom Raid counters in Pokemon Go include Rampardos, Conkeldurr, Mega Blaziken, Mega Blastoise, and Rhyperior.

All Mega Houndoom Pokemon Go moves

Here are all the moves that Mega Houndoom can learn in Pokemon Go:

Mega Houndoom Pokemon Go Fast Moves

  • Snarl
  • Fire Fang

Mega Houndoom Pokemon Go Charged Moves

  • Crunch
  • Foul Play
  • Fire Blast
  • Flamethrower
pokemon go species mega houndoom in the anime
Mega Houndoom is one of the best Pokemon to beat the Legendary Mewtwo.

Can Mega Houndoom be shiny in Pokemon Go?

Yes, shiny Mega Houndoom is available in Pokemon Go, and a shiny Houndoom encounter after a Mega Houndoom Raid Battle is a guaranteed catch.

Players should note that the odds of finding a shiny Houndoom after a Mega Raid Battle is 1 in 60 or 1.67% chance.

And that’s it! This is all you need to know about Mega Houndoom Raids in Pokemon Go. If you’re looking for more content on Pokemon Go, be sure to check out our other guides:

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