How to beat Pokemon Go Mega Gengar Raid: Weaknesses, counters & can it be shiny?

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The strongest Ghost-type species in Pokemon Go makes its spooky presence known in Raid Battles. Here’s all you need to know about its shiny availability, weaknesses, and the best counters to defeat Mega Gengar Raids in Pokemon Go.

Mega-evolved Pokemon are some of the strongest species in Pokemon Go and adding them to your teams can give you an edge in PvE battles and in eligible PvP formats of the Go Battle League.

However, beating Mega Pokemon Raids is a difficult task, so you need to take advantage of their weaknesses and build the best counters to beat them without much effort.

Here’s all you need to know to beat Mega Gengar Raids in Pokemon Go, including details on its weaknesses, top counters, and shiny availability in the mobile game.

How to get Mega Gengar in Pokemon Go

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Mega Gengar has one of the highest Attack stats among Mega-evolved Pokemon in the game.

You can get Mega Gengar in Pokemon Go by catching regular Gengar after the Raid Battle and then Mega-evolving it with 200 Mega Energy.

The Gengar Raid Boss will appear in Pokemon Go Raid Battles from October 6, 2023, until October 20, 2023. You’ll have plenty of time to gather the required Mega Energy to get Mega Gengar.

Pokemon Go Mega Gengar type & weaknesses

Mega Gengar is a Ghost/Poison-type species in Pokemon Go.

Mega Gengar is weak to the Dark, Ghost, Ground, and Psychic-type attacks. While it has an insanely high Attack stat of 349, its bulk isn’t too impressive. So, by building high-level counters and dodging during the Raid Battle, players can beat it easily.

Best counters for Pokemon Go Mega Gengar Raid

The overall best counter for Mega Gengar Raids in Pokemon Go is Primal Groudon with Mud Shot and Precipice Blades.

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Primal Groudon is the most powerful Ground-type species in Pokemon Go.

While Primal Groudon is undoubtedly your go-to Mega Gengar counter in Pokemon Go, there are other species that can also help you take down the Raid Boss.

Here are the best counters for Pokemon Go Mega Gengar Raids:

  • Primal Groudon: With a mind-boggling Attack stat of 353 and access to the extremely powerful Precipice Blades, there’s none better than Primal Groudon when it comes to hitting Mega Gengar as hard as possible.
  • Mega Tyranitar: Boasting excellent offense as well as defense, Mega Tyranitar is brutal against the likes of Ghost-type Pokemon like Mega Gengar in Raid Battles.
  • Mewtwo: The one-and-only Mewtwo packs quite a punch with Psystrike though you should remember to dodge during the Raid Battle.
  • Mega Alakazam: A jaw-dropping Attack stat of 367 helps Mega Alakazam do a lot of damage to Mega Gengar. That said, this Pokemon has low bulk, so dodging is mandatory.
  • Hydreigon: This fearsome Pseudo Legendary is always reliable in Raid Battles where it can deal super-effective damage to the Raid Boss.

Other excellent Mega Gengar counters in Pokemon Go include Mega Latios, Mega Swampert, Darkrai, Giratina (Origin), and Mega Houndoom.

All Mega Gengar Pokemon Go moves

Here are all the moves that Mega Gengar can learn in Pokemon Go:

Mega Gengar Pokemon Go Fast Moves

  • Hex
  • Shadow Claw
  • Lick
  • Sucker Punch

Lick is a Legacy Move and can be taught to Mega Gengar by using an Elite Fast TM.

Mega Gengar Pokemon Go Charged Moves

  • Shadow Ball
  • Shadow Punch
  • Sludge Bomb
  • Sludge Wave
  • Psychic
  • Dark Pulse
  • Focus Blast

Sludge Wave, Psychic, Focus Blast, Dark Pulse, and Focus Blast are all Legacy Moves and can be taught to Mega Gengar by using Elite Charged TMs.

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Due to its high damage output, Mega Gengar can also dish out excellent neutral damage.

Can Mega Gengar be shiny in Pokemon Go?

Yes, shiny Mega Gengar is available in Pokemon Go.

Lucky players can encounter a shiny Gengar after beating the Raid Battle and they can then evolve it into a shiny Mega Gengar.

While shiny Pokemon are extremely rare in Pokemon Go, you have a higher chance of encountering them from Raids. The odds of finding a shiny Gengar after a Mega Raid Battle is 1 in 60 or 1.67% chance.

This is all you need to know about Mega Gengar Raids in Pokemon Go. While you’re here, be sure to check out our other guides:

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