Highly requested Pokemon Go revamp would add Legendary Gym Defenders

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go gym defenders

Pokemon Go players have always wanted Legendaries as Gym Defenders, but that feature is yet to see the light of the day. But a quick revamp to an ionic set of Pokemon would make this a reality.

Pokemon Go Gyms have not seen too many updates in the eight years of the game, and players are eager to see one major upgrade, placing Legendaries along with other regular Pokemon as Defenders.

With this feature impossible even though the Mythical Melemetal can be placed in Gyms, a trainer came up with an idea that revolves around the shenanigans of Zorua and its evolution Zoroark, which takes on disguises of your Buddies.

The trainer with the username ‘NobleCuriosity3’ wrote: “When you add Zoroark and Zorua to a gym, they should disguise themselves as your Buddy Pokemon (at that moment) on the gym screen. This would let us show off fancy legendaries/mythicals without breaking gym balance!” in a Reddit post that got kudos from fellow players.

They called it an “excellent idea” and were “thrilled” at the idea of being able to flex their rare shiny Legendaries before Zorua or Zoroark reveals its true self in the Gym battle.

While some joked that Niantic would never add such a “cool” feature, others were hopeful, as the devs recently added a string of updates, that were warmly received by the Pokemon Go community.

Several trainers pitched for putting an actual Legendary in Gyms. “First come first serve style. It automatically gets the last slot in fight order so it acts as a mini final boss,” a user stated, before another added that Gyms can take them after a certain milestone.

With the requested feature in line with the Illusion ability of Zorua and Zoroark, everyone hopes to see it added to Pokemon Go soon.

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