Every Cat Pokemon in Pokedex: Types & Classification

Lucas Simons
Pokemon Cats

Pokemon games are filled with many creatures to discover, and among them, Cat species are some of the most popular ones.

For Pokemon trainers, the latest Gen 9 games brought a lot of new species to add to the general Pokedex, and among those are some new Cat Pokemon, which are a particular classification of creatures.

Cat Pokemon are some of the most popular species in the games, and in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, players had Sprigatito, Floragato, and Meowscarada as the starter line belonging to that classification.

But some trainers might be wondering what is considered a Cat Pokemon and what is not. Don’t worry, because we have put together a guide with all you need to know about Cats in the world of Pokemon.

What are Cat Pokemon

Litten and Alolan Persian
Alolan Persian is bigger than its original Kanto form and belongs to the Dark type.

Cat Pokemon are associated with the felines in our world and are easily identifiable by their physical qualities. The most famous (and oldest) Cat Pokemon is Meowth, but we also need to consider this Pokemon has several regional variants, and many others have followed ever since its debut in Gen 1 games.

Cat Pokemon Types and Classification

To understand what Cat Pokemon are, first, we need to know that the Pokedex classifies species according to their typing (Fire, Water, Grass, etc.) and a sub-classification according to a series of physical characteristics that define said species, known as ‘Category.’

For example, Rock-type Pokemon are often associated with mountains, minerals, and such, while Water types are often associated with the sea. There’s also a strong inspiration in folklore and mythology, and this ends up adding to the final shape of the Pokemon species registered in the Pokedex.

Cat Pokemon often have the Category ‘Cat’ detailed on their Pokedex page, but in some cases, they do not have said Category and they are still considered cats. Such is the case of Raikou and Entei, which have all the feline characteristics, but are not classified directly as ‘Cats.’

All Cat Pokemon in the games

Here’s a list of all the known Cat Pokemon in order of apparition in the games, including their Pokedex number and the generation they belong to:

PokemonSpriteType/CategoryGeneration & Nº
MeowthNormal/Scratch CatGen 1 Nº052
PersianNormal/Classy CatGen 1 Nº053
EspeonPsychic/SunGen 2 Nº196
UmbreonDark/MoonlightGen 2 Nº197
RaikouElectric/ThunderGen 2 Nº243
EnteiFire/VolcanoGen 2 Nº244
SkittyNormal/KittenGen 3 Nº300
DelcattyNormal/PrimGen 3 Nº301
ShinxElectric/FlashGen 4 Nº403
LuxioElectric/SparkGen 4 Nº404
LuxrayElectric/Gleam EyesGen 4 Nº405
GlameowNormal/CattyGen 4 Nº431
PuruglyNormal/Tiger CatGen 4 Nº432
PurrloinDark/DeviousGen 5 Nº509
LiepardDark/CruelGen 5 Nº510
LittleoFire-Normal/Lion CubGen 6 Nº667
PyroarFire-Normal/RoyalGen 6 Nº668
EspurrPsychic/RestraintGen 6 Nº677
MeowsticPsychic/ConstraintGen 6 Nº678
SylveonFairy/IntertwiningGen 6 Nº700
LittenFire/Fire CatGen 7 Nº725
TorracatFire/Fire CatGen 7 Nº726
IncineroarFire-Dark/HeelGen 7 Nº727
Alolan MeowthDark/Scratch CatGen 7 Nº52
Alolan PersianDark/Classy CatGen 7 Nº53
SolgaleoPsychic-Steel/SunneGen 7 Nº791
ZeraoraElectric/ThunderclapGen 7 Nº807
Dusk Mane NecrozmaPsychic-Steel/PrismGen 7 Nº800
Galarian MeowthSteel/Scratch CatGen 8 Nº52
PerrserkerSteel/VikingGen 8 Nº831
SprigatitoGrass/Grass CatGen 9 Nº906
FloragatoGrass/Grass CatGen 9 Nº907
MeowscaradaGrass-Dark/MagicianGen 9 Nº908
Chien-PaoDark-Ice/RuinousGen 9 Nº1002

As you can appreciate from the table above, most of the Cat-looking Pokemon do not necessarily have the appropriate Category but are still considered Cat Pokemon.

And that’s all you need to know about Cat Pokemon and how to identify them. For more information on the world of Pokemon, you can also check the following links:

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