How to get Gengar in Pokemon Go: PvP & PvE performance, best moveset & can it be shiny?

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Gengar in Pokemon Go

In Pokemon Go players can evolve Gastly into Gengar which is one of the most powerful Ghost-type Pokemon in the game. Here’s how to get Gengar as well as the best moveset for it in Pokemon Go.

There are several strong attackers in Pokemon Go including Gengar. The Ghost and Poison-type Pokemon has been a fan-favorite for ages and it is no surprise that fans love it in Pokemon Go as well.

Just like any Pokemon, Gengar can be useful in PvE and PvP combat with the right moveset. After you catch a Gengar with good IVs and CP, the next step is to use your TMs and teach it the best moves possible.

Here’s how to get Gengar and the best Gengar moveset in Pokemon Go.

How to get Gengar in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go players can catch Gengar by completing the Mega Gengar Raid, by catching it in the wild, or by evolving Gastly and Haunter.

Keep in mind that evolving Haunter into Gengar involves Pokemon Go’s unique trade requirement. In addition, players will require Mega Energy to evolve Gengar into Mega Gengar.

The latest Mega Gengar Raid is active in Pokemon Go from October 6 to October 20.

Gengar in the Pokemon anime
Gengar is a fan-favorite Pokemon.

Is shiny Gengar in Pokemon Go?

Yes, players can catch shiny Gengar in Pokemon Go. If you’re lucky, you can even encounter a shiny Gengar after completing the Raid Battle. Both Gastly and Haunter can also appear shiny in Pokemon Go.

Gengar Pokemon Go PvP Performance

Gengar is considered an above-average pick in Pokemon Go PvP battles, but it is not one of the best options in the game.

Gengar takes reduced damage from a lot of the meta Pokemon in the Great League and Ultra Leagues. The dual-type Pokemon has a decent max CP of 3254, but Gengar fails to leave a real mark in the Master League.

Gengar in Pokemon Go is weak against Ground, Ghost, Psychic, and Dark types. However, it can resist damage from Grass, Fairy, Normal, Poison, Bug, and Fighting types.

Best Gengar Pokemon Go PvP moveset

The best moveset for Gengar in Pokemon Go includes Lick as the Fast Move and Shadow Ball as the Charged Move.

For Gengar’s ideal Charged Move, Shadow Ball is a no-brainer. You get damage, energy, and most importantly, STAB (Same-type-attack-bonus).

Focus Blast, Sludge Bomb, and Psychic can be secondary Charged Moves for Gengar as they’ll help you tackle a wider range of opponents.

Gengar Pokemon Go PvE Performance

In Pokemon Go, Gengar isn’t one of the best Pokemon to use in PvE situations, but Mega Gengar is certainly in that category.

Utilizing an attacker like Mega Gengar in Raids can certainly tip the odds in your favor. However, when it comes to standard Gengar, there are better options to use.

While Gengar leaves a lot to be desired, Mega Gengar is easily one of the best Pokemon in the game.

Mega Gengar in Pokemon Go
Mega Gengar steps it up a notch in Pokemon Go.

Best Gengar Pokemon Go PvE moveset

The best Gengar moveset for Pokemon Go PvE gameplay is Shadow Claw as a Fast Move and Shadow Ball as a Charged Move.

While Gengar isn’t highly recommended for Raids, this combination will serve you the best.

All Gengar moves in Pokemon Go

Gengar can learn four Fast Moves and seven Charged Moves in Pokemon Go.

Fast Moves:

  • Sucker Punch – 10 DPS (Dark)
  • Shadow claw – 15.4 DPS (Ghost)
  • Hex – 10 DPS (Ghost)
  • Lick – 12 DPS (Ghost)

Charged moves:

  • Shadow Ball – 40 DPS (Ghost)
  • Sludge Bomb – 41.7 DPS (Poison)
  • Focus Blast – 40 DPS (Fighting)
  • Dark Pulse – 26.7 DPS (Dark)
  • Shadow Punch – 28.29 DPS Ghost)
  • Sludge Wave – 41.3 DPS (Poison)
  • Psychic – 32.1 DPS (Pyshic)

To make Gengar access the moves Lick, Dark Pulse, Psychic, Shadow Punch, and Sludge Wave players must use Elite TMs in Pokemon Go.

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