Are Scarlet & Violet Pokemon coming to Pokemon Go?

Fuecoco, Quaxley, and Sprigatito in a Pokemon Go backgroundNiantic/The Pokemon Company

New leaks suggest Paldean Pokemon introduced in Scarlet and Violet are finally making their way into Pokemon Go, so here’s everything we know so far.

In May 2023, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet turns six months old and it seems like the perfect time for the latest creatures in the franchise to arrive in Pokemon Go, or at least that is what recent leaks suggest.

Reputable site PokeMiners reported 271 new assets found in Pokemon Go, hinting at Paldean Pokemon and Paldean forms making their way into the mobile game. This includes most of the creatures introduced in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, as well as regional forms for Pokemon already in the game, like Wooper and Tauros.

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PokeMiners also found four new costumed Pikachu with summer themes. Players are not surprised by this and expect it to be related to the upcoming edition of Pokemon Go Fest, with different costumes made for the different cities.

Are Paldean Pokemon coming to Pokemon Go?

Despite Niantic’s efforts to hold back dataminers, PokeMiners found evidence that Paldean Pokemon are finally coming to Pokemon Go. It’s hard to tell when this will happen, though, since this kind of leak might show content months before players see it in-game.

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Some trainers noticed Niantic hasn’t revealed what Pokemon will be featured during the Pokemon Go Fest 2023 event. While the official logo hints at Diancie and Carbink as the main protagonists, Paldean starters could also make their way into the game during this celebration.

Gimmighoul Roaming Form Pokemon Scarlet VioletGame Freak/The Pokemon Company
Roaming Form Gimmighoul already made its way into Pokemon Go with the Scarlet & Violet release.

Fans already expect the different colored Squawkabilly to be region-exclusive Pokemon the same way it happened with Oricorio. For now, however, the only Paldean Pokemon available in Pokemon Go is Gholdengo and it requires players to connect their games.

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It’s still too early to tell, especially with many Pokemon from previous generations still missing in the mobile game. The Paldean Pokemon release might be tied to the Scarlet and Violet DLC coming later this year, so we’ll bring you any updates as soon as they’re announced.

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