All Spiritomb weaknesses and resistances in Pokemon

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Spiritomb is one of the most mysterious and rare Pokemon in the franchise, but here are tips on its weaknesses and resistances so you are ready to face it when the time comes.

Whether you’re playing a classic Pokemon Game or one of the latest entries in the franchise, Spiritomb will prove to be a very hard Pokemon to catch. Fighting against it can also be a tough challenge thanks to its typing.

In this article, you’ll find everything you need to know about Spiritomb’s weaknesses, resistances, and immunities to face it in battle.

What Pokemon type is Spiritomb?

Spiritomb is a dual Ghost and Dark-type Pokemon introduced in Gen 4 with Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

This typing is extremely rare and it’s only shared with one other Pokemon in the whole franchise: Sableye.

Spiritomb can be caught in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

All Spiritomb Weaknesses in Pokemon

As a dual Ghost and Dark-Type Pokemon, Spiritomb is weak against only one type: Fairy.

Spiritomb’s highest Stats are Defense and Special Defense. To defeat it, you have to make sure to have a Fairy-type Pokemon with Fairy-type moves in your team if you want to take Spiritomb down fast.

All Spiritomb Resistances in Pokemon

As a dual Ghost and Dark-Type Pokemon, Spiritomb is resistant to Poison-type attacks. In Pokemon games, it’s also immune to Normal, Fighting, and Psychic, so you’ll need to avoid those types at all costs.

It’s worth noting that, while Ghost-type attacks deal neutral damage to Spiritomb, you should avoid using Ghost-type Pokemon altogether. Spiritomb’s moveset consists mainly of Ghost and Dark-type attacks that are super-effective against Ghost-type Pokemon.

Since both Dark and Ghost-type moves are super-effective against Psychic-type Pokemon, you should also rule those out.

With all that in mind, the best counters for Spiritomb are Togekiss, Clefable, and Blissey.

Now you’re ready to face Spiritomb in battle if you found one, which is easier said than done.

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Image Credits: Game Freak / The Pokemon Company

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