Where to find Vixy in Palworld: Location & how to catch

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Vixy in Palworld

Vixy is one of the best Pals you can get to help you gather materials and farm in Palworld. If you’re set on building a steady supply of resources in your base, getting Vixy should be one of your first choices. Here’s everything on where and how to find it in Palworld, including how to catch it.

Palworld introduces players to an extensive map where they can find wild Pals to battle and catch. Vixy is one of the best creatures to get when starting since they’ve got a set of helpful skills to gather resources.

While Vixy might not be the best in combat, they are a great choice for players who are focused on building their base and upgrading their level. If you’re looking for where to find it and how to catch it, here’s everything you need to know about Vixy in Palworld.

Where to find Vixy in Palworld?

You’ll be able to find Vixy west of the Tower of Rayne Syndicate at any time of the day in Palworld. While this Pal isn’t difficult to catch, finding it can be a little bit tricky since it spawns only in one habitat.

Vixy can be easy to miss when exploring the map since it doesn’t engage in battle if you approach it and even runs away from you if you try to chase them.

Who is Vixy in Palworld?

Vixy is a Neutral type Pal in Palworld that can be used to get a bunch of materials when placed in a Ranch. Its Partner Skill is Dig Here, which lets Vixy dig up items from the ground (but only if it’s assigned to a Ranch).

Vixy is one of the best Pals to put in a Ranch since their Partner ability allows players to get a steady production of Arrows, Gold Coins, and even Pal Spheres.

How to catch Vixy in Palworld

To get an opportunity to catch Vixy in Palworld, you’ll need to carefully sneak behind them slowly so they won’t notice you. Once you get to them, you can use any stun weapons so they won’t try to escape.

Vixy can be very fragile and very easy to knock out. If you’re looking to catch them, you can try bringing a lower-level Pal to chip away its health safely. You should also keep in mind that using basic Pal Spheres can take a few attempts to catch a weakened Vixy, so it’s better to use a Mega or Giga Sphere to catch it in one attempt.

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