How to get Faleris in Palworld: Location, skills & more

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Faleris in Palworld

Faleris is one of the strongest Fire-type Pals you can capture in Palworld. It’s also one of the hardest to acquire, so here’s where to find Faleris in Palworld and how to catch it.

Palworld‘s open world is packed with different kinds of Pals to capture. These creatures come with unique skills and abilities and can also lend a hand during combat, mining, kindling, resource gathering, and more. For players eager to fill their Paldeck, it’s essential to know how to capture S-tier Pals like Faleris.

Besides appearing as a Tower Boss, Faleris can also be captured with a bit of effort. Here’s where to find Faleris in Palworld and how to catch it.

Where to find Faleris in Palworld

Players can find Faleris in Palworld in the No.3 Wildlife Sanctuary, located on an island in the northeastern corner of the map, or by triggering the Marcus and Faleris boss fight inside the PIDF Tower, which you must beat within 10 minutes.

You’ll need to use a flying mount to get to the No.3 Wildlife Sanctuary, with the nearest fast travel point being Deep Sand Dunes.

Shadowbeak location on the Palworld map
Faleris is also a Tower Boss in Palworld.

Another way to get Faleris is through breeding. For this, you’ll need the breeding combination of Vanwyrm and Anubis.

Who is Faleris in Palworld?

Faleris is a fire element Pal in Palworld that can be used as a flying mount and for its combat abilities. Its Partner Skill is Scorched Predator, which triggers more drops from Ice Pals upon defeat.

Faleris’ active skills include Ignis Blast, Spirit Fire, and Phoenix Flame, and it scales up to level 50. In terms of Work suitability, it has level 3 in both Kindling and Transporting, and it can drop Flame Organs.

How to catch Faleris in Palworld

To catch Faleris in Palworld, you’ll need to bring along Water Pals such as Relaxaurus and Azurobe. Make sure to upgrade them to at least level 45 as Faleris will not go down easily. It’s also important to bring powerful ranged weapons like a Single-shot Rifle, Assault Rifle, or Rocket Launcher.

That was everything to know about Faleris in Palworld. For more on the game, check out our other guide:

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