How to get Suzaku in Palworld: Location & where to catch

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Palworld Suzaku

In Palworld, the best Pals are often hard to find but also worth adding to your team for various reasons. Suzaku is one of the best Fire Pals in the game, and here’s how to get it and its variant, Suzaku Aqua.

Palworld keeps surprising its player base with its survival/crafting mechanics and the many Pal species you have available to catch, train, and use for your base building. Some Pals, like Suzaku, are such elusive creatures that it requires pinpointing their exact location before being able to capture them.

Suzaku is one of the greatest Pals to have and a great flying mount too, so having it in your team can do wonders during mid to late gameplay.

So, here’s how to get Suzaku in Palworld, including its location, how to breed, and how to get its variant, Suzaku Aqua.

Where to find Suzaku in Palworld

To get Suzaku in Palworld, you need to travel to the desert area near Duneshelter, at coordinates 357, -348. Near this location and the surrounding area, you will find several Suzaku flying around. But beware, as this Pal is around level 43, and you will need one of the high-tier Pal Spheres to catch it.

Palworld Suzaku location
You will find many wild Suzaku in the desert area in Palworld’s northeast island.

Suzaku has one of the best Kindling working suitabilities in the game, so it is totally worth it for base crafting purposes. Its Pal Skill called ‘Wings of Fire’ allows you to ride Suzaku, boosts Fire-type moves, and grants fire elements to player’s attacks.

But to be able to use that skill, you will need to unlock Suzaku Saddle at level 40 in the tech tree by spending 4 tech points and crafting it by using 20x Electric Organ, 20x Leather, 20x Iron Ingot, 20x Paldium Fragments, and 20x Cloth.

How to breed Suzaku & Suzaku Aqua in Palworld

To breed Suzaku in Palworld, you need to use the Breeding Ranch in your base and cross the following combinations:

  • Cryolinx & Blazamut
  • Cryolinx & Suzaku Aqua
  • Blazamut & Astegon

To get Suzaku Aqua in Palworld, you need to breed Suzaku and any Water Type Pal, and you will 90% of the time receive a Suzaku Aqua.

Suzaku Aqua in Palworld
Suzaku Aqua is the Water-type variant of Suzaku.

And that’s how to get Suzaku and Suzaku Aqua in Palworld. For more info and pro-tips about this survival monster collector game, here are some useful links:

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