Palworld player shocks community with massive “Pal City” base

Lucas Simons
Palworld city

For a monster collector game, Palworld allows a lot of creative freedom to players who also love base building. And if you are an architecture enthusiast, you might enjoy this massive Pal City made by a Palworld player.

Palworld has broken several records since the launch of its Early Access, and ever since the game hit an incredible number of players, more and more people are joining the ranks of Pal trainers every day.

The game also features an integrated base-building system that allows a lot of creativity and freedom and lets players create incredible structures. Thanks to this feature, a Reddit user shocked the community with the “PalCity” they build after working hard for two weeks straight.

The building was posted by ‘Commercial_Neck8986’ in the Palworld subreddit, with the following quote: “So I made Palcity…took me 2 weeks to finish. [No Mods Used]”

The Palworld community was immediately split between surprise and disbelief as this player showed a video with an aerial view of “Palcity,” and the massive amount of structures and map space it took to finish the project.

An excited Palworld player expressed: “That’s a hell out of a good idea to aim when endgame hits. Also nice city, just needs some decorating, and will be awesome.” And another player added: “Holy f**k that’s sick!”

Meanwhile, another user commenting asked if OP had turned the base decay off or stuck three Pal Boxes together, since otherwise, it would be impossible to accomplish this feat. However user ‘LazyAlfalfa1101’ confirmed that the OP had turned the base decay off.

Turning base decay off can help when running a building setup, so, if you are thinking of focusing on your Palworld base, that’s the way to prevent your buildings from losing range from your Pal Box.

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