Palworld players desperate for missing features shown in artwork

Aryan Singh
Direhowls in PalworldPocketpair

Palworld has no shortage of activities for players to indulge in, but one Reddit user has highlighted features shown off in old trailers that were reportedly cut from the game during development.

Pocketpair’s surprise hit, Palworld, took the world by storm as the game attracted millions of players at a rapid pace. Within hours of its release, the Pokemon-inspired, third-person survival game, climbed Steam’s top-sellers chart and also racked up the most concurrent players.

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The survival/crafting game offers a vibrant open world that is populated by a diverse range of Pals and various biomes. Players are encouraged to capture all these creatures and fill up their Paldeck before building a base and putting those Pals to work.

Besides all this, the game also features boss encounters, dangerous dungeons, many different resources, and a ton of craftable structures. All this and more is part of the base Palworld package, and according to old trailers, there was more content imagined for the game that didn’t make it to the final release.

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A Reddit post compiling some interesting bits from these old trailers recently gained traction on the Palworld subreddit. Created by user ‘Unhappy_Panic_’, the post showed off screenshots of features from the game’s pre-release footage, ranging from unique characters to sniper scopes, and more.

Among the highlights were a sailable ship and a fishing mechanic, both of which were shown off in the post. Other standouts included some sort of sky kingdom location, an enemy hideout, and even a fighting arena for Pals.

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Besides this, there were also screengrabs of different functions for Pals, such as Direhowls pulling carts, Pengullets forming a construction system, and Suzaku transporting other Pals in a cage.

While there’s no way to know if all this was part of a playable build at any point, users in the comments were certainly excited by what was on display. One of them stated, “I didn’t know I wanted fishing but I certainly do now,” and another user said, “I really hope a good chunk of this stuff returns, especially carts.”

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Others pointed out that the old footage could’ve been intended as proof of concept trailers, which is standard practice during the early marketing phase of modern games. This would mean that the content was essentially concept artwork that wasn’t planned as a playable feature.

It remains to be seen if any of these features, or something similar to them, make it into Palworld in the future

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