Palworld player reveals overlooked trick to repair all items at once

Ezequiel Leis
Palworld bossPocketpair

A Palworld player shared a very useful tip for players to use the Repair Bench in the most efficient way possible.

Palworld is the first big hit of 2024, boasting millions of players on both PC and Xbox. Its mix of genres and similarities with other popular franchises put a spotlight in Pocketpair’s title, which is still on Early Acces and has big plans for its future.

Many players already tried everything you can do in Palworld, from breeding Pals to building different utilities and crafting stations. However, others are still discovering what the survival game has to offer.

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This is the case of Reddit user ‘Weebsaika,’ who shared a very useful tip for unaware trainers. The Palworld player discovered, after playing the game for more than 100 hours, that you can press R on PC or Y on Xbox while in the Repair Bench menu to repair all items in one go.

While it sounds like a basic command, many other players joined the Reddit post to thank OP for the discovery. “After 130 hours, I’ve only discovered this now through your post,” said one player, while another added, “I learned about chest quickstack from another reddit post, and now this lol. I thought i read all the survival guides, but I guess not.”

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Other players also admitted to having learned essential Palworld mechanics through YouTube videos and guides, calling for better survival guides in-game. On the other hand, one user stated the Repair All command didn’t work for them on all servers, but others were quick to recognize the issue: “You need to have everything available or you wont get the confirmation pop up.”

It’s worth noting that the materials required to repair an item in Palworld are the same no matter the damage. Keep that in mind, as you might spend precious materials when using the Repair All command on items that are almost brand-new.

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One player pointed out that many are missing the command because of UI design: “It’s not even about reading, the prompt to repair all is beneath the UI you’re actually looking at, and it’ll be greyed out and hard to see if you don’t have the resources to repair everything, which can be common if you’re using the best stuff you’ve got available to you,” and they added: “It’s a UX L, i’m sure it’ll get changed eventually.”

You can check our other Palworld guides, like how to cure Pal Ulcer ailment or how to build a Stone Pit so you don’t miss other essential mechanics in the game.

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