Best Palworld mods: Skins, overhauls, graphics, performance, more

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Palworld Mods

Palworld Mods are raging among fans of this monster collector game, and while there are hundreds of them, only a few could be considered must-haves for modding enthusiasts. So here are the best mods for Palworld, including performance, overhauls, and more.

For Palworld players, experiencing the game as it is meant to be played is not enough, and they are looking for new ways to improve the game experience further. Mods are a window of opportunity for all those who want to enhance their Palworld experience.

That’s why we have created this breakdown with the best mods in Palworld, from those that are simply graphical improvements, to the highly sought-after performance overhauls.

Here are the best mods for Palworld, including skins, graphical improvements, UI overhauls, and more.

Best Graphic Mods for Palworld

Palworld player on a large structure.

Here’s a list of the Graphic Mods for Palworld,that overhaul graphics, effects, and overall looks of the game:


NVIDIA REFLEX Enabler is one of the most popular Graphic Mods for Palworld, and it is a simple mod that enables the configuration of Nvidia Reflex in the game. This mod enables Nvidia Reflex without the Boost, and users need to manually enable it after installing it.

Increased Camera Distance

Increased Camera Distance is another popular Graphic Mod for Palworld that does what it promises: increases the distance at which your avatar can be seen (Increases Vertical FOV). This mod comes in two versions, one for single play and the other for co-op play. Make sure you install only one of the versions.

Enhanced Graphical Visuals

Enhanced Graphical Visuals for Palworld is a mod that corrects a great deal of the graphical issues of the game, like cropping, rendering bugs, texture bugs, and more. Also corrects some particle spreading errors and FOV blur.

Graphical Enhacement Mod
This mod will greatly enhance visuals in Palworld.

Best Performance Mods for Palworld

Here’s a list of the best Performance Mods for Palworld that can greatly improve the conditions of your gameplay and optimize graphic processing:

Stutter Fix

Stutter Fix is meant for Palworld players who are suffering from the stuttering performance issue. According to the developer, “this mod will benefit mostly people with low VRAM or slow HDD drives.” But also serves a purpose for GPU users with low compatibility issues that could result in stuttering.

FSR3 DLSS XeSS Enhanced

The FSR3 DLSS XeSS Enhanced Palworld mod enhances vendor-specific upscaling and anti-aliasing; such as DLSS, FSR2/3, and XeSS; enhances UE4/5 specific upscaling and anti-aliasing, TSR, TAA, reduces flickering, increases image stability, and other performance improvements. It is a must-have for those who want to improve their overall gameplay experience.

Best UI Mods for Palworld

Here’s a list of the best UI improvement Mods for Palworld that can enhance your gameplay by facilitating your interaction with the game menu:

Reveal Map

The Reveal Map UI mod for Palworld will reveal the full map of the Palpagos Islands for you, including all Points of Interest, locations, Alpha Pals, and more. It’s quite simple to install and pretty useful.

Better Menu Background

The Better Menu Background mod replaces the default main menu background with selected high-resolution images of Palworld. Again, a simple mod, but that is ideal for those who are tired of the static menu background.

Palworld better Background Menu Mod
This mod will replace the vanilla menu background image with cool new visuals.

Less Restrictive Building

The Less Restrictive Building Mod for Palworld improves the building interface and allows the building of floating foundations and constructing structures in steep terrain. It also removes the max building height cap, so this mod is ideal for fans of skyscrapers and colossal structures.

Toggle HUD on/off

The Toggle HUD Mod allows players to hide the HUD in Palworld, ideal for those who need to take screenshots and cannot do it due to the annoying interface that is always getting in between you and your perfect Pal wildlife pic.

Best Flair & Skin Mods for Palworld

Here’s a list of the best Skin Mods for Palworld that will add some flair to the game, including popular characters from other franchises, avatar skins, and more:

Pal Balls/PokeBall Skin

The Poke Ball Skin for Pal Sheres in Palworld will turn all your Spheres into Poke Balls, simple as that. Installation will require only to drop a custom file in the installation menu, so it’s pretty straightforward.

Poke Ball Mod Palworld
This mod will turn all Pal Spheres into Poke Balls.

Misty Avatar Skin

The “Red Haired Trainer” Skin for Palworld allows players to switch their female avatars for this popular character from the Pokemon franchise. This Mod works on female characters only, and you need to select the default preset for this to work correctly.

Misty Mod Palworld
This mod will turn one of the female presets into Misty.

Zoe Avatar Skin

This Avatar Skin turns your female avatar preset into Zoe, one of the bosses in Palworld. According to the creator, this Mod allows for two versions, one with the game hair physics, and the custom one with Zoe’s hair preset, which lacks physics but still looks awesome.

Palworld Mod Zoe
This Mod turns one of the female avatar presets into Zoe, the first boss in Palworld.

Best Palworld Cheat Mods

Here’s a list of the best “Cheat Mods” for Palworld, which greatly boost your stats, loot, stamina, and other game resources so you can just chill and enjoy the game:

Remove flying stamina cost

This Palworld Cheat Mod will remove flying stamina costs from your mounts, which makes things quite easy to explore on the map. To install it, you need to extract the files in the Palworld/Pal/Binaries/Win64/Mods folder.

Carry Weight Increase

The Carry Weight Increase will do as the name implies: increase the capacity of your avatar to carry weight and/or reduce the weight of items. To install this mod, you simply need to extract the files in the Palworld/Pal/Binaries/Win64/Mods folder.

Instant Craft and More

This mod for Instant Craft will make things easier for you, improving all crafting times or simply removing it. It also boosts production rates, which means some items will yield even more units per tick produced. To install this mod, players need to extract the files inside the ‘Content’ folder of Palworld’s installation. Sadly, this mod does not work on multiplayer games, so keep that in mind.

And those are the best Mods for Palworld. For more information on this base construction/survival monster collector, you can also check the following tips and guides:

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