Clever Palworld player shows how to build “unraidable” base

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Palworld players can build bases anywhere they want on the map, but they must also keep in mind they’ll be raided by enemies from time to time. A player shared a design to avoid being raided while mining resources with ease.

Palworld is still going strong after its initial hype fueled by some controversies and viral content. While some players are already exploring their second or third world, others are still discovering features while they try to figure out the best way to play the monster-catcher survival game.

Creating bases is a key element in Palworld, and players should consider many different factors when building them. Having different mining stations alongside utilities is key in obtaining useful resources, as well as breeding and hatching Pals. However, it’s also important to make a structure that can hold its own when enemy raids come your way.

That’s why Reddit user and content creator ‘Jnavarsete’ shared his design for an “unraidable optimized mining/main base” in Palworld. As many other players have tried, the first thing to know about these unraidable bases is they should be on top of a mountain. Then, Average Jonas listed a couple of recommendations so you can build your own optimized base.

The content creator commented this base “has both Ore and Coal” and is “unraidable.” Then, he explained his process: “I built a 6 by 6 foundation around this mound. Then, make sure you put small boxes around the node so they don’t accidentally go upstairs, because they don’t take verticality into account.”

He also recommended having all production buildings rotated inwards alongside power generators, “so you don’t have to have an Electric Pal permanently out to charge them out, because they drain much slower.”

Lastly, he added: “At the bottom floor, you can put all the stuff that the Jormuntide use, because they’re very tall, so you don’t wanna have them on the second floor.” However, he also mentioned: “The farm can still be up because Jormuntide can water it from below.”

Many players gathered to thank the OP for sharing his design, while many others recognized the spot immediately. “The classic ore spot,” commented one user, and another added, “This is where I live.”

Another player also stated: “I have this exact spot, it’s literally a refined ore facility, no defenses just good beds, a few spas, and a berry farm for sustainable food.”

So there you have it! If you’re looking to build an unraidable base to gather resources without being bothered, follow the above tips. For more on Palworld, check some of our other guides:

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