Palworld players split about Rocket Launcher base fails

Stephanie Zucarelli
Pal City built by Reddit user Commercial_Neck8986

Palworld players have shared another accident with their Rocket Launchers, but this time, they’ve accidentally lost hours of hard work. Here’s what the Palworld community has been talking about.

Palworld players are having a blast with its sandbox features, especially those who love trying out new things to upgrade their bases. While Pocketpair haven’t really added a construction mode, fans have been figuring out different tricks to get some impressive builds.

However, a player has shown that experimenting in Palworld can sometimes go wrong, and even lead to some catastrophic fails. Posted in Reddit, user ‘garbageisreddit119’ showed a video where they’re testing the Decal Gun, a harmless weapon. But as they’re shooting decals, they’ve accidentally switched to the rocket launcher and suddenly demolished their huge base.

While Pals kept sleeping peacefully inside the player’s base, the explosion completely obliterated the building. “After seeing so many similar incidents on this sub, I will never unlock or make the rocket launcher,” commented a Reddit user.

Some Palworld fans agreed that there were a lot of players sharing incidents with the Rocket Launcher, a powerful ranged weapon that can be unlocked at Level 59. Players even said that they only use it when facing bosses, but they immediately unequip it to avoid any accidents.

“I only use the launcher against legendaries. After killing/capturing them I always unequip the launcher. Only took me one accident to drill that to my brain,” admitted user ‘imapoormanhere.’

Some users were skeptic about Rocket Launcher accidents, and they’ve stated that some fans were using them to generate some clout around their clips. “What makes me suspicious is how many of these bases are built out of wood,” pointed out Redditor ‘Ralthar44.’

While we wait for Pocketpair to implement a quick fix to avoid these kinds of accidents, you can check out every Boss and Alpha Pal and how to beat them, and the best Neutral Pals in Palworld.

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