How to beat Bellanoir Raid in Palworld: Location, best Pals, more

Aryan Singh
Bellanoir in Palworld

The Bellanoir raid has finally landed in Palworld and Pal Tamers can now work towards adding this Dark-type creature to their collection. So, here’s everything to know about the Bellanoir raid, including how to summon the Pal, drops, and more.

The highly-awaited Bellanoir raid has arrived in Palworld through the v0.2.0.6 update. The newly added Pal is the first bit of new content introduced in the game since the early-access release, and naturally, fans are excited.

Bellanoir is also the game’s first raid boss, with more likely to come in the future. On that note, here’s everything to know about the Bellanoir raid in Palworld, including how to summon, drops, and more.

How to beat Bellanoir Raid in Palworld

Here’s everything you’ll need to do to summon Bellanoir in Palworld and take on the raid boss:

  1. Unlock the Summoning Altar using 3 Ancient Technology points and build it at any location using 100 Stone and 20 Paldium Fragments.
  2. Collect 4 Bellanoir Libero Slabs Fragments by looting treasure chests and exploring end-game dungeons.
  3. Craft a Bellanoir Libero Slab using the Fragments at a Workbench, Factory, or Assembly Line.
  4. Summon Libero Bellanoir and start the boss fight by placing the slab at the altar.
Bellanoir in Palworld
Bellanoir is an end-game-level enemy.

Since Bellanoir is a Dark-type Pal, you’ll want to use powerful Ice and Dragon Pals such as Cryolink, Frostallion, Jormuntide, and Jetragon. It’s also essential to be near the level 50 mark, as the raids are end-game content.

Make sure to keep your distance during the boss fight as Bellanoir will throw laser rays and dark whirlwinds your way. We also recommend summoning the boss away from your base as its attack can turn your facilities into rubble.

How to get Bellanoir in Palworld

To get Bellanoir in Palworld, you’ll have to defeat it during the raid encounter. Unlike other Pals, Bellanoir cannot be captured during or after the fight. Instead, it will drop an egg after being defeated which you can incubate to get the Dark-type Pal.

Bellanoir stats and drops in Palworld

Here are Bellanoir’s base stats in Palworld:

  • HP: 582
  • Attack: 112
  • Defense: 59
  • Work Speed: 70
  • Active Skills: Dark Cannon
  • Work Suitability: Handiwork (Level 2), Medicine Production (Level 4), Transporting (Level 2)

And, here are all the items it can drop:

  • Ancient Civilization Core
  • Trading Manual (XL)
  • Huge Dark Egg
  • Multiclimate Undershirt

That is everything to know about the Palworld Bellanoir raid. For more on the game, check out our other guides:

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