Palworld: How to catch Boss Pals

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Palworld Grizzbolt and Zoe

There are five Boss Pals in Palworld that are tied to the story and defeating them can be a very challenging task for anyone. Although killing these Boss Pals is the primary goal, many are curious if you can also catch them. So, here’s how to catch Boss Pals in Palworld.

Despite losing a large chunk of its player base in the past few weeks, Palworld is still one of the most popular games in the world and is comfortably sitting in the top five of SteamCharts alongside CS2 and Apex Legends.

Although catching Pals is quite important in the game, you also have to ensure your survival in the open world that poses environmental threats and is loaded with Alpha Pal bosses. However, the toughest challenges that are bound to test your mettle are the Tower Bosses.

Tower Bosses are slightly different than Alpha Pal bosses, and here’s everything to know about catching them.

Can you catch Bosses in Palworld?

Players can catch Bosses in Palworld, but not all Bosses can be caught. There are two types of Bosses in Palworld: Alpha Bosses and Tower Bosses.

Alpha Bosses or Alpha Pals, appear in the wild overworld as stronger versions of the ordinary Pal. You can catch Alpha Bosses without restraint in Palworld.

Meanwhile, Tower Bosses are the game’s main challenges where you’ll face a strong Pal alongside their Tamer. When it comes to Tower Bosses, Palworld players are not meant to be able to catch them. However, players have discovered an exploit that allows them to catch Tower Bosses.

Grizzbolt Palworld
Grizzbolt can equip a Minigun and shoot a blazing curtain of bullets.

How to catch Alpha Bosses in Palworld

Catching Alpha Pals or Alpha Bosses in Palworld is just like capturing any other creature in the game. While you’ll face a tougher test to defeat them, you can catch Alpha Bosses by throwing Pal Spheres.

Alpha Bosses appear in the Palworld open-world environment or you can find them in dungeons.

How to catch Tower Bosses

Palworld players quickly discovered a trick that allowed them to catch Tower Boss Pals. While this is not an intended feature of the game, you can follow the steps below to give it a try.

  1. Attack an NPC by the Tower Boss area to gain a Wanted status.
  2. Enter the Tower area and reach the Boss hideout.
  3. The NPCs will hit the Tower Boss, remain hidden, and dodge until the attacks stop.
  4. For aerial opponents like Felaris, you can use a flying mount to go near them and the NPC should hit them.
  5. Throw a Pal Sphere from your cover.
  6. Exit the Tower and you should have caught the Tower Boss.

The glitch is confirmed to work for all five bosses, including Lily-Lyleen, Zoe-Grizzbolt, Axel-Orserk, Victor-Shadowbeak, and Marcus-Felaris. The latest patch didn’t fix the glitch but if it’s not working for you, here are some tips:

  • Don’t hit the boss even once and only let the PIDF Officer hit it.
  • Try throwing the Pal Sphere on the boss’ back and make sure you have the back bonus activated.

Catching boss Pals also grants tons of XP and since there’s no respawn timer, you can repeat the process endlessly making this one of the best ways to level up.

Faleris in Palworld
Faleris has a lot of mobility, so bring long-range weapons.

How to catch Palworld Tower Bosses in open world

You can also catch Palworld Tower Bosses in the open world at very specific locations:

  • Grizzbolt – Spawns randomly in the No. 1 Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Lyleen – Spawns randomly in the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Orserk – Spawns randomly in the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Shadowbeak – Spawns randomly in the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Faleris – Spawns randomly in the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary

The coordinates for the No. 1 Wildlife Sanctuary are 95, -729 while the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary lies at coordinates 665, 645.

How to breed Palworld Tower bosses

In the table below, we’ve mentioned some of the most accessible breeding combinations to get the Tower Bosses in Palworld:

Palworld Tower bossBreeding combination
GrizzboltMossanda x Rayhound
Grizzbolt x Grizzbolt
OrserkRelaxaurus x Grizzbolt
Orserk x Orserk
ShadowbeakKistun x Astegon
Shadowbeak x Shadowbeak
FalerisVanwyrm x Anubis
Faleris x Faleris
LyleenMossanda x Petalia
Lyleen x Lyleen

Well, this was everything to know about adding the strongest boss Pals in the game to your party. For more Palworld content, check out some of our other guides:

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