How to get Dog Coins in Palworld

Amitesh Dhar
Mimog in Palworld

Dog Coins are a new currency introduced to Palworld alongside the Sakurajima update. Unlike the other currencies in the game, there’s just one vendor who accepts Dog Coins, and you’ll be able to purchase unique items from them.

While you’ll be able to loot these coins from various locations on the map, there’s just one consistent way to get them.

Here’s what you need to know about the new Palworld currency introduced in the update.

How to farm Dog Coins

The only way to farm Dog Coins in Palworld is by defeating Mimog, a new Pal introduced to the game in the Sakurajima update.

When you defeat this creature, you’ll get around 60-70 Dog Coins in the game. Alternatively, you can capture this creature as well, but that won’t net you as many Dog Coins.

Mimog looks like a chest and spawns randomly around the world. It’s worth noting that this Pal will flee quickly when you attack it, so you must defeat it as fast as possible.

Dog Coins in Palworld
You won’t get the maximum amount of Dog Coins by killing a Mimog.

How to use them

You can use Dog Coins to purchase items from the newly introduced Medal Merchant. You’ll be able to purchase multiple stacks of the items in their inventory, including the Mysterious Accessory Box.

This vendor can be found lurking at the various churches that you will come across on the different islands. Here’s a list of all the items that you can purchase from this NPC:

ItemCost (Dog Coin)
Mysterious Accessory Box100
Precious fruit that is extremely difficult to obtain. Slightly increases a Pal’s health.1,000
Cattiva Hat50
Lamball Hat50
Cawgnito Hat50
Dumud Helm50
Sibelyx Hat50
Ring of Freight +150
Multiclimate Undershirt +1100
Life Fruit500
Power Fruit500
Stout Fruit500
Vital Elixir350
Stamina Elixir350
Might Elixir350
Speed Elixir350
Burden Elixir350
Concentrated All-Purpose Pal Extract2000

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