Can you unlock silhouette icons in Overwatch 2?

Andrew Highton
overwatch 2 silhouette icons

Overwatch 2 has a litany of cosmetic items that you can equip to customize your overall player profile. Silhouette icons are one of these items, and we’ll fill you in on the latest details surrounding silhouette icons in Overwatch 2.

Understandably, Overwatch 2 players are keen to know how to unlock silhouette icons in the game as they have an unmistakable class about them and would make a great addition to anyone’s player profile.

There are a ton of different skins and unlockables for players to work towards and purchase using real money. But the nature and mystery surrounding the silhouette icons have arguably gripped players the most.

So let’s quickly run through the Overwatch 2 silhouette icons and try to answer any questions you may have concerning them.

wrecking ball in action in overwatch 2

Is there a way to get silhouette icons in Overwatch 2

At this moment in time, there appears to be no way to unlock silhouette icons in Overwatch 2, but the general consensus is that Blizzard are saving them to be unlockable when the game’s PVE content eventually drops.

If you go to the section of your player profile that advertises all the silhouette icons, there is no unlock condition or any obvious method to unlock, either through the Battle Pass or in-game challenges.

So, the feeling is that they are special icons being reserved for the Overwatch 2 story mode content that is scheduled to drop in 2023, according to Blizzard’s official roadmap for the game.

Once this information becomes concrete, we’ll be sure to update this guide and give you in-depth details on how to unlock the silhouette icons in Overwatch 2.

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Image Credit: Blizzard